Friday, 25 January 2013


Our 3rd and final day in Venice...

As we had to check out by 11am, we left our bags at reception before we went out.

With nothing much left to do, we wandered the streets of Venice for one last time. 

Foggy day

We stopped by a church, where we lit some candles and I said my little prayer.


I don't usually shop much when I'm on holiday – I usually spend my money on food, accommodation and transportation. But along the way, I stumbled across this cute little skirt and bought it for a bargain price of 12.40 euros – not going to break the bank is it?

Conscious about the time, we popped into a nearby restaurant for a quick lunch. 

I must remind myself next time not to eat squid ink food – having black teeth and lips is not a very flattering look.

Happy feli :)

Stopping for some local biscuits and my final taste of GROM gelato, we collected our bags from the hotel and just made it in time to catch the shuttlebus to the airport! 

Thankfully our flight was not cancelled despite the bad weather, and we arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule! Go BA!
The queues for 'All Other Passports' was surprisingly short and we got out of the airport within 30 minutes.
Then began THE LONGEST train journey back to London Bridge... - there were so many stops in between that it took forever before we reached our stop. And then another half hour journey on the tube back home. Getting back into Central London took even longer than our flight...

Short weekend trips really sap the energy out of you...but it was worth it. 
My first trip of 2013, and one city ticked off my list. 

It's been a really tiring week, having to drag myself into work with this horrible cold...
Oh, and not forgetting to mention that I was sent home from work today. I spent 3 hours at work stuffing myself with sweets and mints to get rid of this nauseous feeling until I couldn't take it anymore. 
I got home just in time before I threw up the entire contents of my stomach, which actually made me feel better but has now left me with a headache and fever...
Yes, I think I might be suffering from food poisoning.
What happened to my super-strong Penang stomach (?!)
There goes my clean absence-free history at work (Nooo...)

Oh well, at least I get to rest in my warm bed and should hopefully recover by tomorrow.

My weekend has come early for once!

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