Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Early finish at work today - love my Wednesdays!
Was initially planning to head to jazz dance class, but was seduced by the good weather and had a quick dinner meet up with Lili before I fly off this weekend!

Beating the after-work crowd, we headed to Ducksoup in Soho for dinner.
It was just past 6pm and there were only a few people sitting around the bar, so we settled ourselves down in a cosy little table.


As it was a weekday (and also the fact that I lacked sufficient beauty sleep from the night before), we decided to skip the alcohol this time round and ordered some fizzy shandy drinks. We're allowed to 'roll-over' alcohol units to the weekend right? Hehe.


We shared two starters - the 'asparagus, herbs, parmesan' and the 'courgette flowers, crab, mayo'.

I've never quite eaten raw asparagus before - they were thinly sliced and lightly seasoned, and overall a nice refreshing starter dish.

The courgette starter, which was another dish that was recommended by the waitress was really good - I could have eaten another portion, or maybe ten...
They were lightly battered and fried, and being a crab lover, each mouthful (which wasn't many considering the size of them!) was a little taste of heaven!

As we both love fish, we decided to be a bit 'unadventurous' this evening and ordered the same mains - Wild char with green sauce.
I wasn't really sure what char was before, but looks like huge sardines to me! There's probably some equivalent Chinese name for it that I haven't got a clue of considering my amazing(-ly bad) knowledge of the language.
It had quite a lot of tiny bones in it, which wasn't a problem for me, though poor Lili seemed to struggle a bit with hers!


For dessert, we shared a Nespole galette - a slice of a tart with peaches. Not quite one of the best desserts I've had - we found the pastry a bit dense and hard. We were rather cautious when cutting into it to avoid flinging pastry across the table.

On the whole, it was a satisfyingly good experience and a place that I would frequent again - maybe try some of the wine and cheese next time.
Service generally wasn't too bad, if not maybe a bit rushed towards the end when it started to get quite busy.
Would definitely recommend a visit x

TWO more days - Woohoo!

The Cheekster, signing off x

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