Thursday, 30 May 2013


Another day, another early morning walk! 
We then stopped by Cora's for brunch.


I ordered the Eggs Ben et Dictine, which probably just about ruined my 'healthy' start to the day, but at least there was fruit right??


We then drove to Niagara Falls with the use of the trustful GPS (a.k.a. Pippa!) where we checked in at DoubleTree by Hilton, before going to check out the falls!

Would have been picture-perfect if not for that poof of fog...
Maid of the Mist - we were on it a few moments later!

We managed to squeeze in the Maid of the Mist into our (very-well-planned-out) agenda. Thankfully the queue wasn't too long, and we were each provided with a raincoat before getting on board the boat.

Plastic raincoats are SO in!

Best to be prepared and get the hoodies on before the heavy downpour!

After getting drenched from the ride, we dried ourselves off in the sun and went up the Skylon Tower to have our 3-course meal dinner.

The view from the top was breathtaking, with an amazing view of the falls.

There were some really annoying tourists who kept coming round our table to take pictures of the view outside - maybe I should have 'accidentally' flung a piece broccoli at them hehe, I'm sure Harpreet wouldn't have minded sparing me some stalks!
I mean, it's a REVOLVING restaurant, wait your turn and you'll be able to get the view from your own table?!

Ranting aside, the meal was overall pretty good - my portion of Beef Tenderloin Strip Stroganoff was especially larger then expected. Okay, I know I've got a good appetite, but is it really THAT obvious?!

And apparently we drank more than a jugful of water during the entire meal. Looking at water makes you drink more...or so the waiter claims!

Here's some snap-happy photos taken along the way...

Skylon Tower


The next day, we started off with the Journey Behind the Falls.

Yet another fashionable raincoat!

After checking out of the hotel, we went cycling at Niagara-on-the-lake. 
But first...we fueled up on some scrumptious food at the Little Red Rooster
The deep fried ravioli was sinfully was the brownie dessert!

We rented a couple of bicycles from a local shop, made our way across the road, before turning back as I started to chicken out of it!

Oh, have I not already mentioned about how 'skillful' I am at cycling...
So we went back to the shop, where the guy, who was a qualified trainer, tweaked around with the bicycle, before giving me some beginner pointers.

You can't really see him clearly in this picture, but he was much cuter in real life! Hehe
Yes, a 26 year-old who doesn't really know how to ride a bicycle - oh the shame! 
All the more so being given advice by a rather cute (with very nice arms) instructor!
Thankfully my pride didn't let me down and I just about managed to learn how to 'kick-off'...and restart our cycling adventure around the park.



I had a few close calls (including almost riding into a ditch!)...but otherwise I survived the journey!

I even wrote a little thank you note with the keys that we dropped off at the shop when we returned our bikes...

Teehee :)
Ended the day with some naughty treats from Marble Slab! You get to pick your flavour(s) of ice cream and toppings which are then mashed into the ice cream to make one tasty lump of heavenly goodness.

Eat meee...

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Running behind schedule...more posts to come, watch this space x

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