Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Bank holiday weekend has come and gone so soon again...
So here's what I've been upto over the weekend.

I spent the weekend over at Wendy and Martin's - they made an amazing roast dinner, which I unfortunately was not able to enjoy as I was still suffering from a dodgy tummy...
Oh well, at least I have some pictures to look at!


In the evening we went to watch Iron Man 3! 
Robert Downey Jr. was dreamy as always... 

Woke up the next morning to some scrumptious bacon rolls...

The initial plan was to head to Legoland, but as expected there was a ridiculously long queue of cars, so we decided to go with Plan B - Brighton!

We were starving by the time we arrived, so our first stop was Harry Ramsden's for some good 'ol greasy fish & chips!



And then on to get some ice cream! - one where it didn't require us waiting ages for the ice cream machine to work!




After a long day out, me and Lili headed back to London to get some rest before our next meet up the following day.
We planned to rent some Barclay's bikes around Regents Park, but there weren't any available where we were, so we just went for a relaxing stroll - less risk of me falling down clumsily in public!


After much walking and working up an appetite, we stopped to have some brunch at Cachao Toycafe at Primrose Hill.


Not the most amazing meal that we've had (and also pretty pricy for the small portions!), but at least it filled our hungry tummies.

Spent the rest of the day just enjoying the good weather, which looks like it's going downhill again tomorrow...oh well, that's English weather for you!

Time to get geared up for work - urgh.

The Cheekster signing off x

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  1. those tulips are gorgeous! and the beach, makes me wanna just bask under the sun now. ;)