Saturday, 11 May 2013


Having purchased a pair of Time Out vouchers, we went to have lunch at Gordon Ramsey's Foxtrot Oscar, a local neighbourhood bistro in Chelsea. 

It was much smaller inside than I expected, a pretty average looking interior design and lay-out.
The voucher included a complimentary glass of wine each and a 3-course meal from the set menu. 


We both ordered the asparagus soup as a starter. Nice creamy texture, but maybe a bit too salty for the both of us.

For my main, I ordered the mussels which was served with chips - supposedly triple-cooked chips, but weren't quite as crisp as I thought they would be...
The mussels were also quite small in size. The tomato and chorizo-based sauce was quite light and tasty.

Lili ordered the Dingley Dell pork which was served with some pea puree - the texture was a bit tough and the overall flavour a bit bland for me.


And to finish off, I had the sticky toffee pudding with banana ice cream whilst Lili had the panna cotta.  I'd probably say that the dessert was the best out of the 3 courses I had, but I was unfortunately too full to finish it! (shouldn't have had that coffee and carrot cake in the morning - greedy feli! hehe).

In terms of service, the waitress who served us was quite attentive and checked on us in between each course. Standard service as what I would usually expect at a restaurant. 

On the whole, the set menu was quite average and uninspiring in my opinion.
Can't really comment on the a la carte menu - maybe another time if I ever decide to try this place again. Though with the highly competitive choice of restaurants around London I would say that this would be highly unlikely...

Well, that's another one ticked off my Gordon Ramsey to-do list.

Miss foodie signing off x

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