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The latest opening from Soho House Group, Hubbard & Bell is an all-day cafe, bar and restaurant at the new Hoxton Hotel in Holborn - serving food described as "top nosh with a French-American twist".
The all-day restaurant has an open kitchen serving grilled meats, seafood and small plates, in addition to a wide choice of breakfast dishes and a weekend brunch menu.

I have popped in a couple of times to have coffee in the cafe, and really enjoyed the ambience and feel of the place, and the coffee of course - for the coffee geeks out there, they serve Origin Coffee from a bespoke La Marzocco machine.

So, last Sunday we decided to try the Sunday brunch menu. It looked like they were pretty fully booked, so we were offered a couple of seats at the counter. I usually do enjoy sitting at the counter in restaurants, but it seemed exceptionally hotter than usual, so we requested to sit in the cafe instead.


| Bellini |
- prosecco peach -

We had the option of ordering the Sunday Roast option, but we decided to go for the more exciting range of a la carte dishes.
To start off, we had a salad and some cured meat to share.The greek salad was very light and refreshing with deliciously creamy feta, and it was my first time trying cold smoked mutton, which was really tasty.

| Greek Salad |


| Mutton |

The scampi was grilled with garlic, chilli and olive oil, which gave it a lovely aroma and flavour. Octopus dishes are always a must-order for me, and this didn't disappoint me. A decent portion of three delicious tentacles, served with chorizo, potato and capers - nicely grilled, with a nice touch of earthy and spicy flavours from the chorizo.
And of course, another one of my favourite meat dishes - suckling pig, served porchetta style. The juicy meat complemented by the flavours of the chervil, parsley and capers. There was also tasty bits of crackling that gave it a bit of crunch.

| Scampi |


| Octopus |

| Suckling Pig |


And then we moved on to dessert...

| Banana Split |

This was Lili's selection - a banana split, so it basically speaks for itself...
I love chocolate in general, but I am not quite a fan of a chocolate sorbet...I enjoy fruity sorbets, but generally still prefer my rich and creamy ice cream versions. 
But if you enjoy sorbets, this might be up your street!


| PBJ Ice Cream Coupe |

Anything with peanut butter always catches my eye, and I was happy with my dessert selection - a mixed tower of ice cream, berries, jam and crunchy caramelized peanuts. It was maybe a bit more 'hollow' than I was expecting, but overall a pretty satisfyingly sweet dessert.

I used to always wander away from Holborn towards Soho/Covent Garden, as I couldn't decide on a decent place to stopover. But it looks like this midtown area is becoming more exciting these days, and this place has definitely become one of my favourites.
Service has been very friendly and courteous on all my visits so far, which is always good.
And knowing me, I will definitely be back again to have a lounge in the lovely cafe, and to try the regular all-day menu. And the rest of the desserts. The Chicken Shop downstairs also sounds rather tempting.

This might take a while.

I wonder what the rooms are like...

The Cheekster, signing out x

Address: 199-206, High Holborn, London WC1V 7BD
Tel. No.: 020 7661 3030
Opening hours: 07:00-02:00 (Mon-Fri); 08:00-02:00 (Sat); 08:00-00:00 (Sun)

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