Saturday, 20 September 2014


Lyle's has been on my list for a while, and I was excited to be able to attend the first of The Guest Series that kicked off on 15th September - a one-off dinner collaboration between Head Chef James Lowe and Chef Leandro Carreiraa (formerly of Viajante and Mugaritz).

The menu consisted of a fixed six-course meal, showcasing some of the best British seasonal produce.

We were served a basket of sourdough bread and some small snacks to start with. I particularly liked the blood cake, damson and potato crisps.


| Mackerel Broth |

Mackerel is best from autumn through winter. Two clean cut pieces of mackerel in a lovely broth. A very clean dish, and it didn't taste too fishy.


| Spiced Cabbage | 

The rolls of cabbage were filled with a shrimp paste and some cobnuts on the side. Not quite one of my favourite dishes, and there were a few mixed opinions around the table...


| Squid, Potato & Nasturtium |

Now THIS, I really liked - nicely presented with lovely vibrant colours, and of course it tasted really good as well. Nice peppery taste from the nasturtium which is apparently one of the tastiest edible flowers - great for dressing up plates, and also high in vitamin A, C and D. Healthy eating, sorted.


| Hebridean Lamb, Beetroot & Plum | 

Lamb was tender and a nice shade of pink, with a thin, juicy layer of fat, accompanied well by subtle sweet flavours of the beetroot and plum.

| Cardo, Pear & Honey |

I love cheese, so naturally I liked this dish. I can't really remember what the bits at the top were made from, but it tasted like Weetabix to me... well, the texture at least. Another dish with some mixed views around the table, and I offered to help eat up Prowler's portion - just doing my good deed for the day...


| Fig & Lemon | 

Dessert was very cooling and refreshing - simple yet tasty.

And some more snacks to finish off the meal - those brown butter cakes were REALLY good, I wished that I could have taken home an entire box...


The portions are generally quite small, so those with larger appetites might still leave feeling a bit hungry. I left feeling rather satisfied, taking into account that I had already indulged at The BackBench at Koya just a few hours prior to coming here. Eating is hard work, I know.
Overall, a pleasant dining experience, and somewhere that I would gladly visit again.

The Cheekster, signing out x

Address: The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ
Tel. No.: 020 3011 5911

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