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With another stroke of luck, I was fortunate to win a pair of tickets to London In The Sky. Operated exclusively over a 10-day period, the event saw five of London's best Michelin starred restaurants transfer their signature menus and dining experiences to a unique sky table, suspended 100 feet in the air. 
Held at Canary Wharf, London In The Sky consists of a 22-seat table, with a space in the middle where the chef and the team prepare and serve food to diners.
I had seen plenty of posts about it on my Twitter timeline, and as usual I tried my luck in a couple of competitions, hoping to win tickets for the event. As the days drew nearer to the end of the event, I had given up hope and forgotten about it - and then I got a surprise notification whilst working a late shift!
Thanks to Great British Chefs, I was able to attend the final dinner flight with Chef Alyn Williams at The Westbury.

We were instructed to arrive half an hour before our dinner flight, and we made our way there just in time to take some photos before sunset. 

As much as I was excited about this, I also forgot to mention that I have a sliiiggghhhtt fear of heights... 
The last bad experience that I had was going on the Skywalk in Canada - where I had to grasped my best friend, Harpreet's, arm and scamper across to the other side with my head towards the sky, before I eventually teared up at the end. Yeah, not a very memorable experience...
But then again, at least I am not as bad as a guy that I used to date who was petrified of escalators...
I do feel bad now about joking about it last time, honest.

Despite my anxiety, I was determined to overcome my fears. Coincidentally on the same day I walked past a window with the words 'Do one thing a day that scares you' - it must have been a sign. 

In most cases, people would often bring a husband/partner/boyfriend/date etc along as their +1, a privilege that single people like me do not have...
But if I was going to go through this, I knew that needed someone that I could trust and rely on. And without a doubt, this person just happens to be my best friend, Wai Kit. 

And now into the waiting lounge, where we registered ourselves and were each served a glass of  Taittinger champagne. Alcohol was definitely one thing that I needed to help calm my nerves...

It was pretty dark outside by the time the first group of diners descended, and it was then finally time for us to get buckled into our seats. We were each given numbers, and me and WK were lucky number 1 and 2. We were fastened down with three safety belts, and our seats were adjusted accordingly.
Too late to turn back now... 


After a brief speech from Chef Alyn Williams,  it was time for 'take-off'! Our table swiftly ascending into the sky as the ground below disappeared into the darkness - not that I was looking, as you can clearly see me still clutching the table with my shivery hands...

These chairs are safe right...? Oh crap, it swivels!
We were sat at the far end, and conveniently within close reach of this lovely young man who did a good job in making sure that our wine glasses were regularly topped up! 
Wai Kit did help in comforting me on our way up and told me not to look down...logically.


 I was initially quite cold when we reached the top which was quite windy. The vain side of me had refused to bring a jacket, but thankfully I had a scarf to wrapped around me...
 Thankfully I started to warm up with each (huge) gulp of wine, and my nerves also began to calm down.

I am NOT cold...

And eventually I was brave enough to take selfies!

And the surrounding views...

Now moving on to our five course Michelin starred dinner... 
All perfectly executed by the chefs and efficiently prepared before us.

| Belota iberica, cauliflower, soused beach vegetables, cobnuts |  

| Mersea island crab, watermelon, wild herb coleslaw, gazpacho, cucumber | 

Chef totally working it!

| Confit cod, coco bean casserole, Alsace bacon, autumn truffles | 

| Cumbrian rosé veal, braised brisket, sweetbread crumbs, brassicas |

| Cornish cows curd cheesecake, spiced figs, gingerbread crisp | 

Photos before food...ALWAYS! #eatingishardwork

My 'apprentice' has learnt well from eating out with me...

The lovely sisters, Tina & Trudi - nice to meet you!

Did I also mention that WK abandoned me before the last course...?!
The call of nature, as they say...
*deducts best friend brownie points*

The whole thing only lasted for an hour, but it was an absolute fun-filled hour.
Thank you to the amazing chefs and the team for making this experience so memorable and fun, and to Great British Chefs for giving us the opportunity for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

And of course, to Wai Kit for being my ever-reliable companion for the evening - 6 years of friendship and still going strong.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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  1. What a fab event! Thank you for sharing! I am green with envy :-)