Wednesday, 6 August 2014


So I'm a bit behind these days on my posts...but here is a quick one about the SS Atlantica Summer Voyage that I attended a couple of weeks ago.

Despite having walked along the River Thames numerous times, I have never actually taken a boat ride there, or rather a cruise - because we're classy like that. Thanks to Wilkes, I gratefully accepted the complimentary pass to board the Silver Sturgeon - might as well experience everything at least once, right?
Making my way towards Savoy Pier whilst consciously clenching together the side slits on my skirt to prevent flashing in public (should have given the skirt a bit of a test-run beforehand...), I knew that I had arrived at the right place as I saw a queue of glamorously dressed people ahead of me. The dress-code was 'At-Sea Formalwear', and some of them really put a lot of effort into their outfits, with their coiffed hair and silk and fur ensembles...
I on the other hand did my last minute rummage in my wardrobe and slipped on something light but still pretty presentable...
Always best to dress in something you feel comfortable in. And also look good in, of course.




Why aren't we moving yet...?!
We departed slightly later than expected, and it was a relief when we finally moved and were able to appreciate the view of London on a beautiful summers evening.



Later on, we headed back inside to watch some of the couples flaunting their moves on the dance floor as the live music played in the background.


Overall, a pleasant evening, and we were lucky enough to have had good weather.
And another thing ticked off my list.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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