Saturday, 16 August 2014


So, with another one of my lucky wins, I was able to experience the new gin and tonic menu at The Polo Bar at the Westbury Hotel - part of a "Botanical Brew Experience" collaboration between Tanqueray No. TEN gin and Fever-Tree tonic water.  


We were given a taste of the six different types of gin that were already pre-infused in bottles - holding the glass against the light to look at colour and swirling the gin around the glass to mix in some oxygen and gather the aromas around the rim...
We were also given a whiff of the dry ingredients used for the infusions.


After more sniffing, sipping, and swirling, tasting all six different infused gins, we were then each able to sample a couple of the drinks from the G&T menu. We were supplied with our mixing utensils and played around with infusing times and mixing ratios, depending on our taste preferences.

| Blue Lady tea and grapefruit peel served with Mediterranean tonic |
the exotic floral and citrus notes of Blue Lady Tea are lifted with zesty Grapefruit Peel, a refreshing thirst-quencher

| Rosebuds served with elderflower tonic |
reminiscent of an English garden on a summer’s day, the delicate notes of rose are given a rich, dry edge with the addition of elderflower essence


| Blackcurrant-hibiscus tea and lemon peel served with bitter lemon |
Cleopatra’s drink of choice, ruby red Hibiscus tea is paired with fruity blackberries for a divine blend of sweet and sour


| Cinnamon, clove and vanilla served with classic tonic |
warming and uplifting, the soft, creamy flavours of vanilla are spiced up with aromatic cloves and cinnamon


Overall a really relaxing and enjoyable experience.
And not forgetting to mention a word of thanks to Chris Osburn (aka tikichris) for organizing the competition. Don't forget to check out his website for interesting features and more exciting  competitions on offer.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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