Sunday, 6 July 2014


It has been a while since I first made a visit to Bubbledogs, and after much procrastination, I felt that it was time to try out Kitchen Table.
Tucked away at the back of Bubbledogs, head chef James Knappett and the team prepare a unique menu each evening to represent the best products of the day.

Entering through the same main entrance, we were then shown to the back of the room where we walked through some heavy set curtains to the much quieter Kitchen Table setting.
We ordered a couple of glasses of Reisling to start, whilst hungrily eying the food being served to the guests from the first sitting, who were about halfway through the courses.

The menu typically comprises of 12-14 courses at £78 (£88 from September 2014 onwards), with each dish described in a single noun that best represents the main ingredient of the dish. Given the option of either 12 or 16 courses, we undoubtedly went for the full experience, which only costs and extra £12.



Each dish was promptly prepared before us and beautifully presented, and explained to us as they were served. I have clearly forgotten the majority of the detail that I tried (and failed) making mental notes of, hence I shall let the photos do most of the talking...

| Cod |

Delicious creamy smoked cod mousse (?) which we used as a dip for the crunchy radishes.


| Girolles |

Little girolles with garlic mayonnaise that were topped with tiny garlic capers, all served on a super crisp slice of sourdough bread.
A good sharp knife would definitely be required to replicate this. And good knife skills, of course.

| Courgette |

Deep fried courgette flower in a light and crisp tempura batter, served with a beetroot mayonnaise. 


| Chicken |

Really crispy and tasty chicken skin, and that sticky and smokey bacon jam was a lovely accompaniment. I would have gladly devoured an entire tray of that.

| Carrot |

A refreshing chilled carrot soup topped with elderflower.


| Scallop |

A raw Scottish hand dived scallop seasoned with sea salt flakes - really delicate flavour and nice firm texture. This was served with a raw ginger mayonnaise topped with grated scallop roe.


| Plaice |

The plaice was really fresh and had a mild sweet flavour, served with a piece of mussel, some charred cabbage and thin slices of unripened strawberries.
Also served with a very nice and light fish-based sauce.


| Truffle |

I love the tantalizing aroma of truffle, which was perfectly paired with freshly made macaroni pasta.

| Pig |

A pigs head croquette which had a crispy golden outer coating, but still lovely and moist on the inside.


| Beef |

Soft and tender meat with a nice, pink centre, served with peas and a classic BĂ©arnaise sauce. One of my favourite dishes of the evening.

| Ricotta |

Soft and creamy white ricotta served with English cherries and basil leaves.

| Strawberry |

Strawberries and cream - a classic summer favourite.

| Blueberry |

Yoghurt sorbet, fresh blueberries, and refreshingly cool granita.

| Gooseberry |

Smooth and creamy elderberry, topped with raw almond slices and tips of Christmas tree (!), finished off with a gooseberry reduction.

| Caramel |

| Sloe |

Marshmallows finished off with a culinary blow torch.

And for those that fancy an after dinner tipple, there are a variety of digestives to choose from...

Overall, a really relaxed and enjoyable in an intimate setting.
Also, recently awarded 15th place in the National Restaurant Awards this year, Kitchen Table is definitely worth a visit.

The Cheekster, signing out x

Address: 70 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4QG
Tel. No.: 020 7637 7770
Opening hours: Tues-Sat (18:00 & 19:30 sittings)

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  1. Great post on one of my favourites in London!

  2. I'm going here tomorrow, so looking forward to it! It looks like it might be a little like Restaurant Story which was a pretty exciting experience. Lovely pictures :)


    1. Thanks :)
      I really enjoyed it, and I'm sure you will too! Restaurant Story was good as well, but it feel more exciting when you get to watch them prepare it like at Kitchen Table :D