Sunday, 15 June 2014


Difficult times call for some self indulgence, this time leading to comfort eating at newly opened Stax Diner in Kingly Court, serving up good 'ol American food.
With a slightly later opening that day at 6.30pm, we perched ourselves on the stools by the windows to have a drink whilst waiting. WK had the "Black Cow" which was an A&W classic root beer, vanilla ice cream float, whilst I had the "hard" version with the added vodka.
I haven't had a root beer float in ages - the best ones I've had were from my childhood visits to A&W back in Malaysia. Oh those were the days, when life seemed so simple and carefree!



When it was finally time, we requested to be moved to a proper table inside, with a space much tinier than I was expecting. We were sat just opposite the kitchen, which was so small that the fridge/freezer was located outside of it next to our table - not quite the most convenient location as I tried to avoid from being knocked each time someone came to obtain ingredients from it.
Short of time, and feeling rather hungry, we hurriedly placed our orders before the rest of the crowd were seated.


| Cajun Onion Blossom |
 - Cajun spiced battered onion blossoms served with epic garlic dipping sauce - 

It looked pretty awesome, and the batter was nice and crispy. It was however quite hard to break apart the pieces without the batter falling out, and I feel that the onion itself could have been cooked a little bit longer. My memories of a great onion blossom still go back to the time I had it at Chili's Bar and Grill, a really long time ago...
I do think that with a little bit of tweaking, this dish would then definitely be 'A Must Have'.

| Cajun Popcorn Shrimp Bucket |

A nice little side snack to nibble on.


| Apple Poppyseed Coleslaw | 

The only veggie side dish that we ordered, just so to balance it out...
I liked the little bits of poppyseed and it was overall a tasty coleslaw.

| Bring Home the Bacon |
- Stax burger with your choice of cheese and maple glazed beef bacon -

We were tempted to order 'The Chickadee', but thought we would give one of the beef options a go instead, for variety.
 Not a bad burger, but not that great either (maybe needs slightly more seasoning?)...and could do much better in terms of presentation and a slightly bigger portion of the burger patty.


| Chicken and Waffles |
- Buttermilk fried chicken breast and thigh with buttermilk crispy waffle with maple syrup - 

 Delicious crispy fried chicken, and nice, light waffles. Anything with buttermilk fried chicken is a winner for me.

| The Duffin Sundae |
- Famous buttermilk and nutmeg duffin with French vanilla ice cream, butterscotch and fudge sauce, whipped cream and cherry on top -

Okay, now that I look back on it and re-read the description, I've just realized that something must have gone wrong with our order...
We placed an order for a Duffin Sundae (which took quite a while to arrive, but the waitress kindly apologized and went to look into our order again when she saw us still 'dessert-less'), but what we ate was a deep-fried brownie...? I've never tried a duffin before, but now that I've had a look at a picture and description of it...what we were served definitely was not it.
Guess it must have been mixed up with a Dough-Bro...
Oh well, we were probably too full by then and weren't quite as alert.


 Service was a bit slow and not quite as smooth sailing just yet, but then again it was their first official opening day, so things will hopefully improve from then on. It can get quite stuffy and warm inside, especially with the warm(ish) weather lately, so the window seats would probably be a better option next time.

Address: 1st floor, 1.7 Kingly Court (Carnaby), London W1B 5PW
Tel. No.: 0207 734 3190

Currently in their soft-launch phase until the 18th of June, they operate a no-reservations policy, so you should know the drill by now...

The Cheekster, signing out x

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