Sunday, 1 June 2014


After a couple of failed attempts, we finally managed to get a lunch reservation on the Bank Holiday Monday.
We arrived about five minutes just before our reservation at 12noon, and were told to wait outside of the building until it was exactly 12 o'clock... 
I mean, if they take reservations from 12noon onwards, surely they should at least let us enter and take the elevator up instead of leaving us standing outside in the cold...

Anyway, ranting aside, up we went and we were seated in a cosy little corner. Probably not the best weather to take a nice photo. Cloudy skies and rain splattered glass - just another day of temperamental English weather.



We ordered some cocktails to start with - Comfortably Numb and Chinese Lantern.


We were served three appetizer dishes. I really liked the scallops and razor clams which were very fresh, but wasn't quite a fan of the spring rolls. Nice, crispy skin, but I prefer my spring rolls to be fatter and juicier.

| Chilled spiced razor clams |

| Chilled sliced scallops served with pomelo segments |

| Vegetarian spring rolls |

Two seafood dishes, which I enjoyed. Delicious soft shell crab, but such a shame for so much chilli to go to waste...
The Dover sole was one of my favourite dishes, although not quite the prettiest looking dish. Loved the sauce, and I wished that there was more to go with our fried rice.

| Crispy soft shell crab with Sichuan dried chilli |

| Boneless Dover sole braised in coriander-vinegar sauce |

| Sichuan style stir-fried lady's fingers with minced pork, dried shrimp and chilli |

I don't often eat fried lady's fingers, as I usually have them steamed or in some sort of curry. I did still enjoy it, really fragrant.

| Egg yolk fried rice with diced chicken and shrimp, spring onion and tossed with golden garlic |

| Crispy de-boned lamb ribs |

| Dessert |
- Golden sesame dumplings filled with apple paste and cinnamon -
- Red bean glutinous rice dumplings in sweetened ginger soup -
- Mango pancake roll - 

Not the most creative selection of desserts - nice, but probably something you could easily get in Chinatown that would taste just as good, at much more economical prices...


Overall, food wasn't too bad, although rather expensive for typical Chinese food...
Then again, dining at sky-high places such as The Shard always comes with premium prices. It is after all, mostly about 'the experience'. 
Another negative is that they have a 1.5 hour seating policy - it's not followed too strictly, but the fact that they reiterate it to you when you are first seated at the table kind of makes you feel a bit conscious about the time. Not great considering that the food does take a while to be served.
That's another place ticked off my list. 

Address: Level 33 The Shard, 31 St Thomas St, London SE1 9RY
Tel. No.: 020 3011 1257
Opening hours: 12:00-14:45 (lunch) ; 18:00-22:45 (dinner)

The Cheekster, signing out x

Square Meal

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