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The Palomar is a newly opened Jeruselam-themed restaurant located on Rupert Street, just off the bottom of Shaftesbury Avenue.
I don't think I've ever had food from Jeruselam, so I was intrigued to get a taste of what this place had to offer.
After failing to get a reservation during the soft launch, I tried my luck to get a space at the kitchen bar which operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Dining at the bar is after all the way to get the 'full experience'. Thankfully it wasn't too busy on that Thursday evening as I perched myself at the bar in between two other couples.
There are pros and cons to solo dining - the most significant con being that my orders would be limited to how much food my lone stomach could consume!

I ordered their signature cocktail, the Palomar, to start with whilst I had a quick look at the menu.


| Palomar |
- Blanco tequila, pink grapefruit, lime juice, agave syrup, Bittermens grapefruit bitters, topped with soda water, served long over ice -

Considering that it's their signature cocktail, they could have probably work more a bit on presentation...and maybe used a bit less ice.



I ordered a couple of dishes from the 'Raw Bar' category to start with. The Fricassee was tasty, and the bun was quite light and thankfully not as oily as I was expecting. Maybe slightly too dry on it's own, but I had the spring salad which was refreshing and help to balance it out. As I still had some stomach space to spare, I ordered an additional polenta dish that was recommended by one of the chefs. Served warm in a glass jar, I was advised to count to 10 before opening the lid and breathed in the lovely aroma of the truffle oil.

| Spring Salad |
- Fresh fennel, asparagus, cucumber, kohirabi, sunflower & poppy seeds, feta vinaigrette -


| Gilted sea bream Fricassee |
- Tunisian fried bun with gilted sea bream, cured lemon, potato, capers & quail's egg -

| Polenta Jerusalem style |
- Asparagus, mushroom ragout, parmesan & truffle oil -


As much as I wanted to order two desserts, my tummy decided otherwise and I settled for the Malabi. Smooth and creamy, and I especially liked the little crunchy coconut meringue bits - my favourite dish of the evening.

| Malabi |
- Rose-scented milk pudding, raspberry cream, coconut meringue pistachio crunch, fresh raspberries & candied rose petals -



Service was pretty standard at the beginning, but then it became a bit chaotic as the evening went on - the case of one person attempting to do multiple tasks at the same time...
But I'll give them the benefit of doubt that it was after all their soft launch period.
Overall, not a bad time during my short visit, although I wasn't 'blown away' by the food - I also did have a little sneak peak at other people's orders. A lot of toasting and cheering from the kitchen staff, my ears were probably left buzzing from all the 'Yes Chef!' shouting from the exuberant staff...
A convenient, central location, that I would be happy to go back to (although not in haste) and try some of the other dishes to settle my curiosity.

Address: 34 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DN
Opening hours: 18:00-01:00 (Mon - Sat)

The Cheekster, signing out x

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