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After postponing my visit for over a year since it opened in April 2013, I finally made it to Tom Sellers' Restaurant Story with my cousin, Vivienne, who was visiting for the weekend. There was no particular occasion to celebrate, but I always find an excuse for a naughty treat, and what better way to catch up with family than over some good food...

We made our way from London Bridge station and just about spotted it from afar, slightly confused about the location of the entrance and made a full circle before finding the entrance. Silly me, hopefully nobody was watching (!)
It was a sunny day outside, and lovely rays of sunshine shone through the floor to ceiling windows. The place was slightly smaller than I had envisioned in my mind, with concrete floors and minimalistic decor.

We both went for the 6 course menu, with the additional raw beef dish for an extra £15 - I'm always on the lookout for some good raw beef, or any sort of tartare dish.
For drinks, I first had a glass of white, and later on a sweet wine which I really liked - Gaillac 'Renaissance' Domaine Rotier, 2010.

Whilst perusing the menu, we were served a selection of amuse-bouches.
My favourites were the crispy cod skin with smoked cod roe emulsion and the rabbit sandwich with tarragon cream and carrots in bergamot. The 'Storeos' were also pretty interesting - smoked eel mousse and malt vinegar powder sandwiched between squid ink biscuits.






And now, back to the menu...

| Bread and dripping |

 After an array of appetizing snacks, it was time for the start of the main event - we were served some warm bread in a soft leather pouch with a bowl of chicken consomme jelly, veal tongue and celery. 
A candle made from beef dripping was placed at our table when we were first seated, and had now melted to form a small pool at the bottom for us to dip.
The flavours from the dripping weren't very strong, but it was a fun and interesting concept. 

"This is safe to eat right?", my cousin asked the waiter halfway through - the waiter nodded in reassurance, "I hope so, we've been serving it for over a year now!".


| Onion, apple and old tom |

A very pretty looking dish, and I do love onions...


| Raw beef, apple and summer truffle |

My favourite dish of the meal - presented in an apple with smoke billowing from the dry ice surrounding it.
Inside it, was the lovely raw beef with deliciously fragrant flavours from the truffle. 
I definitely had a better deal here compared to Snow White, and I didn't fall into a coma - win.

 "They did wash these apples, right?"
"I think so", I replied, happily nibbling away on my apple.



| Heritage potato, asparagus and coal |

The mash was incredibly smooth and creamy, with a bit of drama added on by the dark coal oil that was oozing from beneath.


| Lamb, grilled salad and sheep's yogurt |

This dish didn't quite stand out for me, which is probably why I can't really recall what it tasted like..! Oops, maybe I should make some notes next time. 


We had a short break in between, nibbling away on our cheeseboard.

And a little palate cleanser - a nice and cooling sorbet with fresh citrus flavours.

| Hay, prune and cereal |

Kind of like breakfast, but during lunchtime. 
My brain and tummy is getting confused - maybe I will add ice cream to my breakfast in future.


| Almond and dill |

I received a phone call just as this was served. "Crap, it's melting!" I thought silently in my mind, as I hastily finished the call and took a snap before it was too late. Panic over.
Our final dish from the menu, and rather lovely it was.
I've eaten quite a few snow-like dishes today - not that I'm complaining.


And to finish off, petit fours...tea cakes.

I'm glad I finally made a visit here after so long - some really interesting dishes that are likely to tempt me back again for a second visit.

Address: 201 Tooley Street, London SE1 2UE
Tel. No.: 020 7183 2117
Opening hours: 12:00-14:30 (lunch) ; 18:30-21:30 (dinner) Tuesday to Saturday

And if you liked the sound of this, then I would also highly recommend a visit to Fera at Claridges by Simon Rogan, which I visited last weekend.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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