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I have often walked past but have never stepped into Claridges before, so it was nice to finally see what laid within the legendary walls of this Mayfair hotel.
As we walked through the revolving doors, I instinctively walked straight up to the reception at The Foyer, but was then approached by Restaurant Director, Ben Hofer, who led us down the other side of the hall to the entrance to Fera.
 The latest venture from Michelin-starred chef Simon Rogan, the name Fera comes from the Latin word 'wild', which reflects the use of seasonal ingredients and the influence of nature in his style of British cooking.
Warmly greeted by the reception staff, we were seated along the sofas with a nice view of the glamorous room. I really liked the centrepiece, with the lighting giving it a dramatic setting.

| Pea wafer, fennel and flowers |

Or first little snack was served to us by chef Simon Rogan himself - so pretty and colourful, I was reluctant to eat it. Delightfully smooth and creamy and really light and crunchy wafer.

| Stewed rabbit with lovage |

Crispy on the outside, and moist and tender on the inside.

| Mackerel, caviar, seawater cream |

| Winslade, potato, duck heart |

I don't think I've ever eaten duck heart, and only just realized what I had eaten after having a glance at the menu. I was probably too distracted by the food that I must have missed out some bits of the explanations by the waiter - typical me.
I swiftly cleaned up my bowl and found it very appetizing - sometimes it's best not to know what you're eating and just enjoy the moment. I suppose I won't feel as queasy now about eating hearts, now that I have actually tasted it and surprisingly liked it.


The bread was served with bone marrow butter and a warm cup of mushroom broth.

 | Raw beef, smoked broccoli cream, scallop roe, acidic apple juice |

Having a great love for tartare and raw dishes, this was naturally up my street. Unfortunately I hadn't realized that my dining partner was not a fan of raw beef. 
Hence, being a good friend, I willingly volunteered to eat his share as well - can't let good food go to waste!

| Prawns from Gairloch, prime pork fat, borage and chicory |

Amazingly fresh and juicy prawns, and again very pleasing to the eye.


| Brill cooked in whey flavoured with hogweed, Jerseys, blewits and beach herbs |

The brill was cooked perfectly, as well as the little Jersey potatoes. 
Sauce was nice without overpowering the flavours of the fish.
Absolutely brill-iant.
Pardon the pun, I just couldn't help myself...


| Middle white pork, caramelised leek broad bean and mead reduction |

Another faultless dish, and that mead reduction had me wanting more...


| Baked yoghurt, pear poached in perry, mint and muscovado |

I have a real weakness for good desserts, and this has got to be my favourite dish of the meal. Sweet and refreshingly cooling. I was tempted to do an Oliver Twist impersonation - 'Please sir, I want some more...'

| Iced beech leaf, nitro sweet cheese, apple and sorrel |

Another deliciously refreshing dessert. One of my five-a-day, sorted.


| Chamomile milkshake, chocolate malt |


Chocolate malt hidden underneath...sneaky!


And to finish off our meal, more little snacks to nibble on.





Overall a very pleasant experience - impressively good food and very hospitable staff.
An elegant room with a touch of vintage and contemporary chic.
Did I also mention that they have a really beautifully designed back wall - something to keep in mind for my future dream house!

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my scrapbook diary with me today, but I did take the menu to add to my little book of memories... - I promise I will bring it in next time, Ben :)

Address: 49 Brook St., London W1K 4HR
Tel. No.: 0207 7107 8888
Opening hours: 12:00-14:30 (lunch) ; 18:30-22:00 (dinner)

The Cheekster, signing out x

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