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Opened in early May in Marylebone by Goodman, Beast is London's latest and most exclusive King Crab and Steak restaurant, with a fixed price menu concept  (£75 per head).
 It has been a while since I have sat down to a good steak dinner, and the thought of eating King Crab as well just added on to the excitement.

Mr F was running slightly late, so I grabbed myself an Old Fashioned whilst waiting at the bar. 

When Mr F arrived, we were both then led into the dining area, where there were two huge medieval-style communal dining tables. We were sat close to another larger group, but far away enough for us to have a bit of privacy. Thankfully the space on the other side and opposite us was unoccupied during our time there, which avoided the awkwardness of facing another couple...

On our plates was laid a napkin and a bib to be tied around your collar should you potentially be at risk of causing absolute carnage whilst wrestling the King Crab...
Or if you're generally a messy eater...or would like to take a Beast selfie! - an urge that I strongly resisted.


As a starter, we were served a huge quarter of a parmesan cheese wheel - obviously we weren't expected to finish the entire chunk, unless of course you're a massive cheese lover...
We were also served some other antipasti consisting of olives, onions, gherkins and artichokes.



When we had finished having our share of the starters, we enviously eyed the mains being served to the other guests, my hungry eyes lighting up with excitement each time a waiter walked out with food from the kitchen.
The steak was cooked medium rare, and was really juicy and tender. I attempted to tackle the bone but it was too much effort so I handed it over to Mr F - some things are best left to a man...
The sides were thankfully not too heavy or carb-loaded - a leafy mixed salad bowl and some tomatoes marinated in balsamic vinegar.


The steak was so good that we even requested an extra helping later on...

Our King Crab was served a few minutes after the steak arrived. Sourced from the Arctic Circle, the King Crab is apparently four to five times the price of a good lobster - I definitely made sure that I got every last bit of meat left in those shells into my mouth. The meat was really fresh with a nice subtle hint of sweetness - largest crab that I've had so far.
On the side, we had more vegetables - fennel, asparagus, beetroot and potatoes.


Our lovely waitress, Charlotte, let us have a little break for our tummies to settle from all that rich food before bringing us our desserts.
There were two dessert options on offer, so we ordered one of each to share. The pannacotta was deliciously smooth and creamy, topped with tiny bits of meringue and some strawberries on the side.
The deconstructed cheesecake was nice and extremely rich - Mr F found it tiny bit too sweet, but it was fine with me, considering that I love sweet desserts. By this time our stomachs were pretty much close to their maximum limits.


Overall a satisfying meal and experience - great food and attentive service. With the high quality of food and drinks, you should of course also expect to pay at least £100 per head - much more if you love to indulge in alcohol. 
Another option to consider next time you're looking for a place to indulge or treat yourself.

Address: 3 Chapel Place, London W1G 0BG
Tel. No.: 0207 495 1816
Opening hours: 17:30-22:00 (Mon,Wed,Sat) ; 12:00-14:30 & 17:30-22:00 (Thur,Fri)

Drats, I forgot to take a picture with Misha the Bear...

The Cheekster, signing out x

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