Sunday, 13 April 2014


After another long week, we started off the weekend with a lovely lunch at Plum + Spilt Milk at the Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross St Pancras Station.
Taking the elevator up to the first floor, we entered the bright and classy dining area, with beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows and stylish hand-blown glass light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.



A cup of coffee is always a good start to the day...

Angela's fruity mocktail...


| Prawn Cocktail |

I decided to go retro with my starter selection. It has been a while since I had a prawn cocktail - fresh and crisp sweet shredded lettuce with juicy prawns, and covered in creamy cocktail sauce.

| Bubble & squeak, woodland mushrooms, poached egg |

 This was originally from the vegetarian mains section, but they kindly made an exception for Angela's request to have it as a starter size - really kind of them!
As much as I love my meat, I would happily have this as a main next time.


| Prawn & pumpkin curry, pilaf rice |

The prawns were really fresh and juicy, and the curry indulgently rich and creamy.
It definitely tasted as good as it looked.

| Steak tartare with fries & salad |

Knowing me and my obsessive love for tartare, I ordered this as my main. The pieces of steak were slightly chunkier than what I've had in the past, but nonetheless, deliciously good quality meat. 


| Iced peanut and salted caramel mousse |

This was undoubtedly my favourite part of the meal. Served with a jug of warm caramel sauce which we drizzled generously, every mouthful was melt-in-your-mouth goodness. 
I seem to have recently developed a love for all things peanut butter related. It kind of brings back my childhood memories of licking peanut butter off the spoon - topped with a sprinkle of sugar, for that extra sugar rush!


A pleasant meal, and a very relaxed and elegant atmosphere - classy yet unpretentious. Looking forward to going back soon to try out the brunch menu.

The Cheekster, signing off x

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