Tuesday, 1 April 2014


After another invigorating morning of dancing, I was really looking forward to getting my lobster fix at Big Easy in Covent Garden.
The original Big Easy located on Kings Road was opened 22 years ago, inspired by the 19th century crab shacks and Bar.B.Q. of the American Gulf Coast.
With its new second home in Covent Garden that opened in February, it has become more easily accessible to those yearning for more of London's American dining scene.


Formerly an electrical power station built in 1883, the restaurant which measure 10,000 sq ft and set over 3 floors has retained much of the original building aesthetics.


We started off with some drinks at the bar, and a rather impressive bar it was...
Stretching over 9 metres in length and boasting over 500 bottles!
There are also purpose built cocktail machines that dispense frozen slushies and other cocktails.

I've always wondered how they remember where the different bottles of spirits are located.
Then again, it's probably the same way I can remember where each drug is located in the pharmacy!

| Old Fashioned |

'X-rated shakes'...mmm...


The menu is based around Bar.B.Q. pork and beef cuts rare breed British steaks and fresh local seafood.
We all opted for different individual lobster dish options.
Their lobsters are sourced from the icy waters of Nova Scotia, which are flown in 3 times a week, with this branch housing more than 2000 live lobsters.

Each of us were handed a plastic bib - knowing me, things were definitely going to get messy...

| Lobster Fest |
- Whole fresh lobster served with fries, house salad & a free slushie cocktail or ice cold 'Big Easy Brew' (ale or lager) -

Compared to Burger & Lobster, this sounds like a better deal considering you get a drink included as well, all for the price of £20.

| Lobster Salad |


| Lobster Bake |
- From their Wood Burning Oven: Half 1.5 lb lobster, peel 'n' eat jumbo shrimp, mussels, crab claws & new potatoes, hot 'n' spicy or garlic white wine sauce -

This was my dish...and I didn't hesitate to get down and dirty with my hands as I wrestled each and every part to get some juicy meat!
Both my hands were smothered in juices as I used the lobster claw cracker and pick to extract the meat from those hard-to-get places - I felt like one of those chimpanzees fishing for ants and termites with their sticks.
I think I also had some sauce dribble down my chin in between, and my bib was as messy as that of a one year old child... - definitely not somewhere I'd bring a first date!
Or any date for that matter. Unless it was their ...'thing'...
Okay, that sounds a bit gross now that my mind has started to process it, I'm going to stop that thought now.

Just LOOK at that plate...



And even better...everything that we had was 50% off! (excluding the drinks at the bar)
Which meant that my Lobster Bake came up to less than a tenner - BARGAIN!
For those interested to grab this offer, you have until 17th April to book a table by telephone and quoting the newsletter. 
The offer is apparently available from Monday to Friday between 12noon to 6pm, and Sundays after 6pm - but always best to double check.
I probably still need some time to recover from yesterday, but I'd be happy to go back.

Besides serving great food, they also have live music playing 7 nights a week, with 2 or 3 sets nightly, for those who are into the music scene.

Address: 12 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7NA
Tel. No.:  0203 728 4888
Opening hours: 12:00-23:00 (Mon - Sat) ; 12:00-22:30 (Sun)

The Cheekster, signing out x

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  1. Looks sooo good, definitely want to try it out sometime soon! Thanks for the recommendation!
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