Saturday, 22 March 2014


Okay, I'm clearly a week behind on this post, and all my other posts from Penang AND my scrapbook diary...still in recovery mode and need to re-organize my life.

Having just touched down at London Heathrow at 7.20am last Saturday, I wanted to make the most of my birthday and rushed home (in my pre-booked taxi that arrived ONE HOUR later than scheduled!) to spruce myself up to have lunch with Angela at Chiltern Firehouse.
I'm pretty bad with directions, and Citymapper died on me when I needed it (how could you?!), but a kind stranger form across the street who sensed my distress (and probably saw me jabbing my iPhone repeatedly), pointed me in the right direction.
I responded with a smile and thanked him in my slightly hoarse and nasally voice.
After being subjected to almost 24 hours of waiting in airports, devouring mushy airplane food, and sleeping in the most unladylike positions in crammed conditions, I was looking forward to my first proper meal back in London.


| Dashamour |
- Apple juice, ginger, mint and lime -

I'm not actually supposed to be drinking cold drinks, but there was ginger in it so I guess that 'balances' it out...?
(visualizes dad's disapproving look)


| Steak Tartare |
- pine nuts & chipotle -

We ordered a large portion to share as a starter. Steak tartare just never lets me down - I could happily have that as a main. With my other main...TWO mains...(yes!)



| French Fries |

| Spiced Crab Omelet |


| Beef and Vegetable Hash |
- with poached egg & hollandaise -


| Pecan Pie |
- with whisky whipped cream -

| Dark Chocolate Tarte |
- with toasted hazelnut ice cream -

We were both really pleased with our food choices, although it was a shame that the crab-stuffed doughnuts, fried chicken and cornbread was not available to order at that time. 
I guess I'll have to get another date in the diary...

I then met up with dear Lili for dinner, and we had a light dinner at Kyoto in Soho, followed by some bubbletea at Chew.

Later on, I had a nice little reunion with Chloe and Sarah who were coincidentally down in London for the weekend - it's been AGES since we last met!
We had some cocktails at one of my favourite places, Damson & Co. Three happy (highly eligible *ahem*) single girls having a chilled night out - good times.

The next day, I spent the day out with Clare, and had a proper cousins day out!
We started off at Columbia Road Market - joining in the hordes of people who were out enjoying the good weather.
I bought myself a couple of bunches of roses, because who doesn't love roses? 
After all, I don't have a romantic boyfriend to buy me flowers, so I might as well buy some for myself!

We then joined the long queue at Lili Vanilli's to grab some coffee and cake.
The beetroot and carrot pastry roll was really tasty, I'll definitely be back for more.

We grabbed some pizza to takeaway from Franco Manca at Broadway Market and nibbled away happily whilst taking (more) selfies with our beautiful flowers in the sunshine at London Fields.

And our last stop - Dead Dolls House for some afternoon cocktails.
We sat up on the rooftop, enjoying the sun with our piscos - bliss.

After a quick trip to Sugar Sin for some sweet treats, I met up with favourite boy (well, at least most of the time - when he answers his phone), Wai Kit, and went to have an early dinner at Sticks 'n' Sushi in Covent Garden.

I know someone's going to complain about his photos...but I like it!
In all our disagreements and playful squabbles, we have come to a conclusion that I am always right...
*does a little victory princess twirl*

I know I've already had a pre-birthday cake blowing session with my family back home in Malaysia, but I didn't have one on my actual birthday, so WK kindly requested for a candle on our dessert for me to blow.
I am rather 'traditional' like that - just, you know, to make sure that my wish(es) come(s) true!
I only get to do it once a year anyway. When I'm not sneakily attempting to blow out other people's candles...

 Hmm, that last photo is a bit shaky, but it'll have to do.
That was also the last time I remembered seeing my camera lens cover! Right. There.
I can't remember if I put it in my bag, but it's been missing ever since...
So if anyone has by any chance found it please kindly get in touch. Or if not, I do accept (surprise) gifts all year round...

  Depressing news aside, I've had a really enjoyable birthday weekend, even in my rather tired-looking and slightly jet-lagged state.
Part of me regretted deciding to fly back to London just before my birthday, but then again, another part of me is thankful that I have amazing people to spend my special day with.

Once again, thank you to those of you who made time to spend the weekend with me, and also to everyone else who left me sweet birthday messages and wishes.

My birthday also marked the 2nd year anniversary of my blog - didn't think I could be this dedicated!

Another year older, but still very much like a kid inside.

So. Unladylike.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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