Saturday, 8 March 2014


Having just arrived in Taichung, we decided to check out one of the local recommendations that was close to where we were staying - Miyahara Opthalmology Department, otherwise known in Chinese as 宫原眼科 (Gong Yuan Yan Ke).
Located a few minutes walk from the Taichung Train Station in the Central district of Taichung, this red brick building was previously used as an eye clinic that was constructed by Miyahara, a Japanese optometrist, in 1927 during the Japanese occupation period.
The name was pretty deceiving at first, but today, the newly renovated building houses the flagship store of the famous “Dawn Cake” (日出蛋糕), and sells other interesting treats such as pineapple cakes, chocolates and cookies.

The interior inside, which is based on the original clinic and pharmacy design, is absolutely exquisite - fitted with high ceilings, medicines chests, wooden wall book cabinets, and the warm lighting which gave it a tranquil library atmosphere.






There is also an ice cream parlour on the 1st floor, from which there are dozens of flavours to choose from - from various varieties of chocolate-based ones such as Venezuala 72% floral & fruity, to Miyahara Special flavours such as Honey cheese. There were also some rather intriguing sounding tea-based flavours such as 'Tomorrow will be better' and 'Between dreams and life'.
We were served by staff that were all dressed in uniform, and  were very friendly and efficient.


The queue was thankfully not too long, so I stood in line waiting excitedly for my order to be taken.
Almost as excited as this little cutie that was in front of me...

The order sheets that they handed out were in Mandarin, but thankfully there were also some leaflets with English translations.



There is then a selection of tasty toppings to choose from, depending on how many scoops of ice cream you have ordered. We went for three scoops in a waffle bowl, where we then could choose four complimentary toppings. I skipped the sauces as I had my eyes set on the interesting looking pastry and biscuit toppings...



There is also a restaurant on the 2nd floor, which we missed out on, but I would definitely like to check out should I visit again in future.
Deliciously good ice cream, and a bit of a history lesson - what's not to like?

Miyahara is located at No. 20, Chung Shan Road, Chung District, Taichung City, Taiwan, and is open from 10:00 - 22:00.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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