Saturday, 1 March 2014


A Southern US restaurant in Marylebone.
After hearing and reading good reviews about Lockhart, I wanted to find out for myself if it was really as good as they claimed.
That cornbread, in particular.


| Virgin mojito | 

Because we felt like being good that we always are.

Some bread to start, which apparently had some pork crackling in it, although not very distinct.
Soft and fluffy with a nice crunchy outer skin.

We decided to order a mix of dishes to share instead of choosing personal mains and sides - sharing is after all the best way to go.

| Catfish goujons with creole remoulade |

Tasty crunchy batter, and great to nibble one whilst waiting for the mains.


| Grilled chicken oysters with yellow mustard bbq | 

Soft and tender, although the portion size was a bit smaller than we expected.


| Coleslaw |

| Catfish gumbo |

A warm and comforting dish, although I would have preferred more of a spicy kick to it, and maybe a bit more colour.


| Corn bread |
- baked to order - 

The much talked about corn bread...
I haven't really eaten much corn bread, but I liked this version, with that nice hint of sweetness. I especially liked the crunchy outer edges - the best bits!
A larger portion than we were expecting, not that we should complain - always happy to have more of most situations.


| Venison saddle & roasted apple with red eye gravy |

Deviating from our usual pork belly selection, we decided on the venison, which was nice and tender.

| Dessert |

Between the two options for dessert, we both agreed to order this to share - deep fried dough balls served on chocolate ganache.
Soft and fluffy and delicious rich chocolate sauce - a tiny bit sweeter and it would have ticked off all my boxes, as I am personally more of a milk chocolate lover.


Overall the food was good, and I did like the set-up and ambience of the place. 
I loved the vintage furniture, and especially the variety of pretty plates.
Our waiter was also really attentive and friendly, despite it only being his second day on the job (forgot to catch his name - oops).
 It was however a shame that the fried chicken was not on the dinner menu - guess this means we have to go back again for brunch/lunch! 

So many places, so little time...

The Cheekster, signing out x

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  1. def have to check it out! thanks! (:

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