Monday, 17 March 2014


Had a quick meet up with Grace for brunch on a sunny Monday at the branch in Georgetown, just a few minutes walk from Dewan Sri Pinang.
I've been quite out of touch with what's around Penang, but I do have a thing for nice cafes.
We entered from the back entrance, passing by (a mural of) Marilyn Monroe along the corridor, and a retro-looking room, before arriving at the coffee bar.
We ordered our coffees and sandwiches at the bar before seating ourselves on the comfy sofas at the front by the windows.




Nice high ceilings, and another quirky mural of The Beatles.



Latte and flat white coffee....
I did like those tin cups...very old school.

| Grilled Chicken, Swiss Cheese & Avocado Triple-Decker Sandwich RM 17.90++ |

Described as being a 'tower with two levels of goodness'...
More like dried pieces of chicken sandwiched between dried toasted bread and held together by measly satay sticks to prevent it from collapsing...
But I guess that wouldn't have fit in the box.
It came with a side of salad and a pot of mashed potato, which was quite herb-y but maybe again too dry. The drought must be affecting the food...

| Turkey Ham, Brie & Apple Triple-Decker Sandwich RM 16.90++ |

Described again as a 'tower of two levels of goodness - the first level is the healthy one where it houses thin apple slices and brie; whilst the second levels comes with a generous portion of turkey ham'.
Both levels looks pretty much the same to me...another impractically sized tower of dried toast...


As demonstrated by Grassy below...



Still with happy smiles!


I liked the ambience of the place which seems like a nice place to chill out with drinks.
I believe that there is also an al fresco dining area upstairs, which may be worth checking out next time.
Just don't order the sandwiches...

Address: 22 Green Hall, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Tel. No.: +604 262 2822
Opening hours: 08:00 - 22:00

The Cheekster, signing out x

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