Saturday, 22 March 2014


One of the newer cafes that recently opened in Georgetown, Penang.
They had just been opened for a week when mum & I decided to try it out.
Chin Chai is basically a Hokkien term meaning "unconcerned about details".


It's quite a small sized cafe - there was a group of about 8 people seating along one side of the dining area, with three other empty tables that could seat 2-3 persons each.
Very minimalistic decor, although I wasn't quite a fan of their selection of furniture. It looks like they have kept the old floors, which was fine, but the tables and chairs looked too large and clumsy, like some cheap furniture from IKEA...
Anyway, on to the food.



I wasn't feeling too hungry, but just a little peckish, so we ordered a couple of drinks and simple, basic dishes.

| Milo with milk |


| Chicken Pie | 

Quite tasty, but nothing outstanding from any other chicken pie that we've had...

| Bengali Loti with Kaya |

I've love bengali loti (bread) and had a slight craving for kaya, so I was quite excited when I saw it on the menu. However I was quite disappointed to find that they were quite stingy with the kaya - only on one side of the bread, and so thin a layer that I could barely enjoy it through the thick slices of bread.


Overall, not a very impressive first visit, and at the prices listed on the menu, I'd rather chin chai chiak at a local hawker stall...

Address: 152 Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel. No.: +604 263 1152
Opening hours: 08:00-20:00 (Mon - Thurs) ; 08:00-18:00 (Sat - Sun)

And on an unrelated note, here's me coincidentally wearing the same colour as my little buddy over there...

The Cheekster, signing out x

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