Sunday, 9 February 2014


It has been another one of those impromptu meet up days with Stacey, and whilst thinking about a place to have lunch over coffee, I remembered that I've been wanting to try out this gastropub in a while.

We were sat upstairs, just minutes before more people started streaming in and filling up the neighbouring tables...



Initially planning to have a light lunch, after an already indulgent Saturday, the menu was just too tempting and we ordered a few different dishes to try.

| Pig trotter scotch egg, celeriac fries |

I do love a good scotch egg - nice bright yellow egg yolk and tasty meat, if maybe just a tad bit on the salty side.
I did enjoy picking on the crunchy celeriac fries.


| Penny buns, squash, salsify & roasted garlic |

Not the bread, but the mushroom species Boletus edulis (edible mushroom) - quite a meaty texture and nice fragrance, and went well with the deliciously smooth squash.

| Roast cod, Jerusalem artichoke, January king |

Nice subtle flavours and flaky texture.
And my first taste of 'January king', which I later found out is a cultivar of cabbage - sounds more interesting than what is really is (!)
Never eaten Jerusalem artichoke before until a week ago, and this is the third time it's been present in dishes that I've ordered within a's like a crash tasting course.


| Winter chowder, Scottish mussels, pancetta & black cabbage | 

I love any sort of chowder - simple, warm and comforting food for cold winter days.
As the name describes, this was a hearty plate of creamy winter root vegetables, topped with mussels. Much chunkier than I was expecting and not quite as creamy as I would have liked it to be - quite tasty, but the sweetness became a bit too overwhelming for me halfway through...

| Cauliflower cheese |

Not quite a necessity, but the thought of ordering cauliflower cheese sounded appealing anyway, although £5.00 was a bit much for such a small portion...


 And now on to dessert...


| Sticky date pudding, ice cream |

Already quite full from the starter and mains, we ordered one dessert to share - so unlike me, I know (!)
Sticky toffee pudding is one of my favourite desserts, or in this case sticky date pudding - homey and deliciously sweet (and naughty, just a bit...)


A restaurant and pub spread over three floors, with a great location on Shaftesbury Avenue.
A bit hit and miss with the food, but I did like the look and ambience of the place, and I'll probably be back again. The Sunday roast did look appealing, and I'm curious to try out what they have to offer at the bar next time.

The Cheekster, (feeling chubbier than usual) signing out x 

Square Meal

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