Sunday, 2 February 2014


An unexpected win on Twitter, courtesy of Revolution Bars.
My win entitled us to a mini masterclass, in conjunction with their new drinks menu, and a £100 bar tab.
Not quite the best weekend to gather up friends as:

a) most were busy with Chinese New Year festivities
b) the closest to Central was Clapham, which isn't the most convenient for most...

Nonetheless, Dora and I decided to make the best of our evening!


We were started off with our mini masterclass with Jamie, the barman. He first gave us a demonstration, shaking up a Strawberry Woo Woo.

| Strawberry Woo Woo |
 - A disco ball of a cocktail: Stoli and Absolut Raspberri vodkas, Teichenne Peach liqueur, strawberries and cranberry juice -

And then it was time for us to have our turns behind the bar...
I chose to make a Honeyberry Sour, as I have a love for Chambord...
Had to stand on my tippy toes, as the bar was a teeny bit high for me (!)


Giving it a good WHAM to make sure it stays in place...and it did, as tested by Jamie!


Shake, shake, shake it up...


And the end results...taa daa...

| Honeyberry Sour |
- Krupnik honey vodka, Chambord and egg white shaken over ice with a dash of lemon -

Okay, not quite as pretty and frothy as I was hoping for, but then again it was my very first time.
Also, there didn't seem to be any raspberries for me to top it with (?)

Dora chose to make the the Bramble, I could see the fear on Jamie's face as Dora was slamming the shaker onto the glass!

| Bramble |
- Tanqueray gin and lemon juice drizzled with Creme de Mure, served over crushed ice -


And to end our session, some vodka shots, of course.

We both aren't exactly heavy drinkers, but we ordered a few, or as many as we could handle.

| G and Tea |
- Tanqueray gin with a hint of elderflower, tea and tonic -


| Pornstar Martini |
- SKYY Passion Fruit and Stoli Vanil vodkas, mixed with passion fruit, stirred with sugar, topped with orange juice and garnished with more passion fruit-

| Tennessee Mudshake |
- Stoli Vanli vodka and Jack Daniel's Honey shaken with chocolate liqueur, milk and cream, topped off with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and broken Oreos -


| Rum Bongo |
- Bacardi Superior rum with Teichenne Coconut, Grenadine and passion fruit, shaken over ice and topped with pineapple juice - 

(where was my pineapple leaf garnish?)

| Jolli Stoli |
- Stoli Citros vodka with basil, lime juice, pineapple & passion fruit -

We obviously didn't spend the entire £100 bar tab.
It would have been great if I could have used it on another occasion with a larger group, but I wasn't able to get in touch with the team to query about this. 
We both had a good evening catching up with some fun drinks anyway - oh, if only I had a higher tolerance of alcohol, my Asian genes...ha.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and drank responsibly (!)

The Cheekster, signing out x

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