Wednesday, 26 February 2014


 Whilst tending to my aching muscles after 5 hours of dancing, I received a notification on Twitter from Bread Street Kitchen, saying that I had won a pair of tickets to Meet the Makers with Grey Goose at  the following day.
A good reason to let my muscles have a rest and indulge in a nice little reward!

After a little confusion over meeting entrances, my cousin and I finally found each other, and proceeded to the upstairs bar.
We were handed the menus listing the cocktails we would be drinking that evening, paired with some nibbles to accompany each drink.


| Selection of paired sharing platter |
- Salmon Tartare on toast with chilli and coriander -
- Mini sausage roll with cheddar & wholegrain mustard -
- Chocolate orange Mousse with honeycomb -

We enjoyed and savoured every single bite - it was a bit hard to resist eating them all before the drinks arrived...!

| French Solution |
- Grey Goose, French white wine, wheatgrass -

I don't often drink much vodka, but I liked this - nice balance of acidity and it wasn't too strong.
I can be a bit of a lightweight...

| Wake Up |
- Grey Goose La Poire, Fresh lime, Rosemary and Cointreau with La Poire marmalade -

This was our favourite cocktail of the three that we had - an expected choice for girls who love sweet things!
La Poire was specifically created to reflect the taste and freshness of an Anjou pear.
The drink was really crisp and light with a lovely aroma of fresh pears, with the added sweetness from the marmalade.
I'll definitely be on the look out for La Poire in future...


| Renault |
- Grey Goose Le Citron, Red vermouth Benedictine and Orange bitters -

Clean, fresh zesty flavours from the lemon, not quite as fruity as the previous drink, but a great drink nonetheless.
And it also went really well with that heavenly pot of chocolate mousse...

Kestas working his magic behind the bar...


Kestas was very friendly and attentive throughout the evening, talking us through each cocktail that was served.
He even let us keep the menus and Grey Goose cocktail stirrers...more stuff to add to my scrapbook (!)
Overall, a great evening, and we will hopefully be back again soon for more delightful creations.

Meet the Makers runs every Tuesday from 6pm - 9pm at £20 per person.
(Click here for upcoming events)

The Cheekster, signing out x

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