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I've been wanting to try this place, even before it was awarded its first Michelin star - the first Peruvian restaurant to win a Michelin star.

By a stroke of luck (and some very high positive hopes), I won a last minute dinner for two on Valentine's Day, courtesy of Ruffl #SpontaneousLove!


I didn't really have any solid plans for Valentine's Day - the simple life of a singleton.
Although I did have a date that night, more details of which you can find in my other post here.

I received the a notification of my win at 4pm, so I had plenty of time to get all prettied up to enjoy a much anticipated dinner, and hopefully a smooth-flowing evening with my blind(-ish) date!

We arrived right on time and were warmly greeted by the GM Ludovic, where we were then shown downstairs to our cosy table by the corner.

For drinks, we both ordered the Valentine's special cocktail, and a bottle of Malbec (2011 UCO Malbec, Mendoza Valley, Argentina).

I really liked the delicious soft breads and dip that had a nice hint of tangy and spiciness.

| Octopus Olivo |
- Braised octopus. Organic white quinoa. Botija olive. Red shiso. -

Tender pieces of octopus, full of flavour, carefully placed on soft beds of quinoa. Loved the pretty lilac-coloured dots of Botija olive purée.

| Scallop Tiradito |
- Hand dived scallops. Rocoto ají pepper. Chia seed. -

Beautifully presented like a colourful mosaic. I've never had a scallop dish that has been sliced so thinly - a lovely smooth and melt-in-your-mouth sensation, with a nice spicy kick from the pepper.
I took my time and savoured each and every mouthful.

| Suckling Pig "andes" |
- Giant corn. Ghoa cress. Piquillo pepper. Green rocoto. -

There was no trouble deciding what I was going to order as my main - the moment I saw 'suckling pig', I knew I was sold. Juicy and tender with a nice combination of textures from the crunchy crackling to the rich and creamy corn.

| Lamb Shoulder "secco" |
- Eco dried potato. Pisco mosto verde. Crazy pea. -

Another deliciously tender meat main course, nicely cooked and marinated.
And at least I now know what the 'crazy pea' was all about (!)

We were both undecided about our dessert selections due to unfamiliarity of the ingredients, so we just followed the recommendations made by the waiter - and some great recommendations they were.

| Lucuma fruit ice cream. Chocolate powder. Annatto. Chancaca cream. | 

I later found out what the ingredients actually were:
'Lucuma' - a subtropical fruit native to the Andean valleys of Peru.
'Annato' - derived from the seeds of the achiote trees.
'Chancaca' - a typical Peruvian sweet sauce made of raw unrefined sugar crystallized with honey.

And it tasted just as delicious as it looked.

| Cacao porcelana Peru cacao 75%. Cinnamon cream. Blue potato crystal. | 

My first time eating 'blue potato', which is a hybrid potato variety with blue flesh and skin with a slight purple tint - nice crunchy, crisp-like texture.
Really rich chocolate flavours, definitely a must for chocolate lovers. 

| Pisco Sour |

And finally we were served some refreshing glasses of Pisco Sours. I really do love Pisco Sours, but had unfortunately reached my alcohol limit and could only handle half a glass.

My second experience with Peruvian food, after Ceviche, and I'm absolutely loving it.
I only wished that I had more stomach space to try more of the dishes!
We were also well taken care of by the waiters, who were prompt and efficient throughout the evening.

Overall, a truly memorable experience, and an unexpected Valentine's surprise thanks to Ruffl and Lima London.
It has now been added to my list of restaurants to recommend in London.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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