Sunday, 2 February 2014


Happy Chinese New Year!
Okay, a couple of days late...but Chinese New Years lasts for 15 days anyway.

The initial plan was to...not do anything - okay, I didn't really have a plan.
Come home after work to an empty home? Maybe. Having my social media timelines flooded with family reunions made me feel a bit low, being so far away from home.
Nonetheless, thankfully, I spent the evening at my aunt's instead.
My aunt is a great cook, and this is what she prepared for the evening meal...





Comfort home-cooked food in the company of family.
Still very far away from home, but with technology these days, at least I can video Skype with mum and dad back home.

Wishing everyone luck and prosperity in the Year of the Horse!
Eats lots and be merry x

The Cheekster, signing off x

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