Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Okay, a few days late, but finally found some time to post this!

Another day out with Wilkes, this time to the Open East Festival - a weekend festival celebrating the first anniversary of the Olympics and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park opening to the public. 
I had been inside earlier in the month for the Hard Rock Calling 2013, but as you know, anything with fun, and more importantly FOOD, is always a winner for me.

We arrived just before the gates opened at 1.30pm on the Sunday, when the queues were still manageable.

Did lots of random photo snapping as usual, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking...

Here we have a pop up Surplus Shop assembled by R-Urban Wick. Prior to the event, they basically collected items that people had too much of, which were then documented in the form of posters, put on display, and even sold or bartered. 

Random fact: Eat enough watermelon seeds (1 cup - dried!) and you'll be getting 61% of your daily recommended intake of protein! Pass a cup round and you'll probably get enough saliva-covered seeds to last you days...weeks even?

Took a picture but forgot to buy one to eat! Will probably look out for them at Borough Market...

That Chicken Bastilla was looking pretty tempting...

"THIS is how to cut a sausage..." - tasty pork and tarragon sausages.

Let's feed the entire village!

Ok, we've got the fishbowls, not all we need are some fluorescent goldfish...


HUMONGOUS pork sausages

Half each to save space for more food!

Happy smiles

I wonder if the Care Bear has a special belly badge!

THIS is a fishdog...yum

Bunny chow - no bunnies were involved/harmed in the making of this.

A bouncy stone henge! - more fun than the real thing.

Run little people runnn...

Paper flowers anyone?

A giant robot - wonder how he felt being groped by so many hands...

A...tree house?

Just very...strange.

"A bit hot innit?". "Stop moaning, do you want to be tanned like him or not?".

"That's it, stretch those legs, suck in those tummies!"

Okay, let's not get distracted and try to focus on the menu and food...

 And last but not least, B.O.B.'s Lobster - good looking lads ay? ;)
If you missed them at Open East, you can find them at Borough Market, every Tuesday-Saturday 7.00pm-10.30pm until the end of September!

Almost the weekend!