Sunday, 31 March 2013


On Saturday, me and Lili met up for out usual girls day out - kick-starting the day with some caffeine at Fernandez & Wells. Another quirky independent coffee shop that I've wanted to try - we managed to grab some seats on the low bench at the back.
We both ordered the affogato, which was a bit stronger and bitter than I was expecting. It came with a small dollop of hazelnut ice cream, but even that wasn't sweet enough to overpower the coffee.
There was a nice array of sandwiches and snacks on the counter, but we didn't want to spoil our appetite for lunch.



After that,  we headed to Covent Garden to check out the Easter Egg hunt - bought a book for £3 and started hunting down the eggs. Most of them were in clusters which was easy to find, but then some were a bit trickier, as we had to look into shop windows for the sneaky eggs! Not to mention that we had to endure the freezing cold and temperamental weather that just couldn't decide if it wanted to snow or shine!












We had a late lunch in between - tried out Abeno, a specialist 'Okonomi-yaki' restaurant. We ordered two deluxe size okonomi-yaki (forgotten the names, but one had seafood and the other had some bacon in it!) to share and a small octopus starter which was from the seasonal menu.
There was a bit of a wait for our okonomi-yaki to be prepared, but when it was ready, it tasted delicious! 




We then did some shopping about town and did a bit more hunting for Easter eggs, but with not much luck...based on my (probably inaccurate) calculations...I think we may have missed about 8!
I think the little kids were more skillful than us as it! Should have bribed them with some chocolates...

Had Indian for dinner - Delhi Brasserie it was called, I think, and that was us done for the day!

So I'm a bit behind on my Sunday's will be up tomorrow (hopefully!)

Watch this space x

Sunday, 24 March 2013


So I've survived my first week back at work after coming back from Malaysia. Unfortunately I did suffer from a slight bout of jet-lag and felt like a walking zombie at work on Tuesday. 

Just a quick summary of my week...

1. I went to the Icebar off Regent Street for a quick sneak peek - 14 pounds per entry, which is pretty expensive, but I wasn't paying anyway ha...
They usually change the theme every now and then, the current one was Galactic Frontiers...



 2. Unfortunately got sucked into doing the Ripley's Believe It Or Not tour... I knew this day would come! Not very impressed to be honest, and at 27 pounds...jeez...
Might as well take some photos!

3. I won a pair of tickets to Monkey Shoulder's One Night Only! And luckily Dora was free to accompany me on that day. It was held at an old factory which had been turned into a bar for the night. It was like a night at the races and we each were given a jersey - mine was clearly too large but it kept me warm and snug!
Our tickets entitled us to 3 drinks each and a pulled pork burger - I wish it was the other way round!
We sipped away on our drinks, munched on our burgers, whilst sitting on hay just doesn't get any cooler than this ha.





4. I had a lovely day out with Lili on Saturday - sweet Lili treated me to some lovely cakes at Bakery County Hall.

Belated birthday cakes!



And later on hunted for a place for lunch, where we ended up at Le Garrick - Covent Garden's best kept secret (according to the business card!) 
 It was nice and cosy inside, and the waitress who served us was really nice - a nice hideaway from the horrible snow outside. 
We both ordered the 2-course set lunch - I was happy as long as I had my onion soup :)


There were actually some good sales going on this weekend. Never actually bought anything from Banana Republic in the past, I got tempted by the extra 25% off sale prices and got myself a stripey jacket and white top.
You can't say no to staple pieces...

And to end the day...Chatime!

So another weekend is over...
Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

Much love x


Sunday, 17 March 2013


So I arrived back in London yesterday evening, after a 1.15 + 13.25 hour flight from Penang - thankfully I had the comfort of spreading across two seats on the plane!
When we landed, after hours of tossing and turning into various sleeping positions in between the movie and meal intervals, I walked at a super fast speed through immigration and baggage collection - only to find out that the taxi that was supposedly booked for me didn't turn up! Rang up only to realize that they had no record of the booking and had to wait another half an hour for another driver to pick me up - not impressed.

As much as I dislike leaving the sunny weather, it's nice to come back in my cosy little room in London.

Woke up to a rainy Sunday morning...

We walked by the Columbia Road Flower Market, where (for the first time in a very long time!) I was bought some flowers - pretty yellow tulips.


Visited the Hackney City Farm for a bit - not the best time as it was pouring down with rain and the animals looked like they could do with a good scrubbing!



Chicken didn't look too impressed with me invading his privacy :p

Humungous lazy pigs
Was hoping to have seen some bunnies, but they were hiding under all that smelly straw...

A continuation to my birthday celebrations, I was treated to a nice meal at Chez Elles Bistroquet, a quaint French cafe.


I ordered a cappuccino and a Brunch for salmon lovers, which was absolutely scrumptious...


And for dessert, a vanilla and pistachio crème brûlée...heavenly.

Had a lovely day out despite the miserable weather. 
I love birthday treats, despite my 'official' day being over.
One more day to relax before I head back to work - reality sucks.

Hmm, might have a little sneak peek of Our Queen on ITV before bed...

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend x


Day 12 has been skipped because I spent more than half of it preparing the posts on my trip to Siem Reap...

So, moving on to Day 13 which was my 26th birthday!

I spent most of the day having quality father-daughter time. 
For lunch, we went to dad's friends shop on Campbell Street, that he's been bringing us to since we were little.

I was his little princess for the day (actually, I'm his little princess everyday, but today I just felt extra special hehe) and he ordered everything that I liked to eat!
My theory is that calories don't count on your birthday, so I'm sticking to that!

Dad then brought me to Prangin Mall to get my manicure and pedicure done. I tried out this place called SuiSui Nail Studio. Whilst the girls were busy attending to my distraught-looking nails, I just sat back in my comfy chair and watched the movie playing on the screen.
The original price quoted was RM68 but because it was my birthday month I received 30% off my manicure so it only totaled up to RM60 - (unexpected) bargain!

Happy birthday girl with her manicured nails and Chatime :)

In the evening I had dinner with the family at Captain's Restaurant at Penang Swimming Club.

The foooood - yum!

French vanilla mille crepe with strawberry toppings x
Mum + Dad




Another year older now...but still a little girl at heart!

And not forgetting a Happy 1st Anniversary to my blog!
Dancing in High Heels turns a year old! x

Dancing in High Heels is my little personal log of of my journey through life and things that I love. 
Our lives may not be perfect, but we always have the option to choose to look at the lighter and brighter side of things.
To those of you who have been reading my blog - thank you, and I hope you have enjoyed it so far. 

And once again thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and blessings x