Sunday, 8 December 2013


The weekend is here again, which means one thing...time to start nibbling!

1. Parlour - 5 Regent Street, London NW10 5LG

Open all day and serving Great British food and drink, Parlour is a nice little hideaway for satisfyingly good comfort food. It's also conveniently located round the corner from my work place which is a bonus!

In a hurry in between running some errands, I popped and ordered the home-style hash brown with poached eggs, with a pot of green tea. 
Dad was always insisting on drinking green tea after having any greasy food...

For those wanting a more substantial meal, I'd recommend the Chicken Kyiv which is absolutely delicious - a lovely ball of goodness served on a hash brown and salad. 
They do great desserts as well.


2. Portuguese Gourmet (Silmar's Taste) - Willesden Green Market, Poplars Avenue, London

Walking along my usual route, I spotted their stall set up with an array of enticing pastries.
I went for the Portuguese Berliner (Bola de Berlim), which the lady recommended as one of the more traditional options. 
So good yet so naughty.

They trade at various markets, and currently have a stall set up at Willesden Green Market outside Sainsbury's every Friday and Saturday until Christmas.


3. TAP Coffee - 193 Wardour Street, London W1F 8ZF

Another one of my usual coffee places, with its chilled vibes and rustic feel - this branch on Wardour Street being the most accessible when I'm shopping around Oxford Street.
I ordered my regular flat white and a small orange cake.


4.Poppy & Sebastian - Maltby Street Market, Ropewalk, London

Made it just in time to grab this pretty little thing - it had a name, but I know how good I am at pronouncing French words...
Three little chou pastry filled with luscious pistachio cream - so good.
One of my favourite dessert stalls. 
If you haven't visited, they also have a new home on Kingly Street which is easily accessible if you are around Central London.

5. Damson & Co - 21 Brewer Street, London W1F 0RL

Here I am, back again at good ol' Damson & Co. If there's one place to look for coffee and snacks in the late evening, this is it. 
One of my favourite places to chill when I'm out and about on my own - great for food, drinks and people watching!

I ordered a hot chocolate and we shared a plate of freshly baked madeleines which was served with chocolate sauce and lemon curd.

A lot of sweet things in today's #nibbletrail
Although I did have a proper meal at Jose on Bermondsey Street with Stacey somewhere in between.

Off to enjoy the last half of the weekend!
The landlady has free tickets for Frozen - the perks of having someone that works for Disney.

Have a great day x

The Cheekster, signing out x


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  1. i have to agree with your dad on the tea with greasy food....maybe a little 'old-fashioned' myself!