Monday, 2 December 2013


Can't believe it's December already - the start of a busy month! 
In a good way, of course.
Went for ballet and jazz class as usual, and decided to treat myself (which I do so very often - TOO often at times).

1. Bageriet - 24 Rose Street, London WC2E 9EA

Having recently stumbled upon this little gem with my cousin the other day, I popped in for a quick comforting snack. Conveniently located just down the road from Pineapple Dance Studios, I was eager to get another taste of their delectable cinnamon buns.
Tucked away on a quiet side street, this little Swedish bakery only seats 8 persons (takeaway is available), and I was fortunate enough to have a short sit-down break after 2.5 hours of dancing.
I ordered the Autumn Glow tea which had a fruity apple flavour, alongside my cinnamon bun, which was deliciously light and fragrant.
So many tantalizing Nordic baked goods on display - I'll definitely be back for more.



2. Picture Restaurant - 110 Great Portland Street, London W1W 6PQ

Since my first visit there when they opened in June, this has become one of my favourite hideaways. Tom, Soria and the rest of the team are always very welcoming and pleasant - and the food prepared by Colin and Alan who are busily working in the kitchen never fails to satisfy. 
And of course not forgetting to mention Ben - my bar buddy that makes awesome drinks and cocktails!

I ordered an Appleade and the slow cooked Cornish squid served with spiced chickpeas.

Had a bit of a green theme going on today - edible art on a plate, mmm...

They also currently have a seriously delicious venison dish on the menu that I tried the other day - don't miss out on it!


And don't forget to say hi to the pretty little Christmas tree in the corner!

3. Cocochan - 38-40 James Street, London W1U 1EU

And the last stop for satisfy my sweet craving.
Having seen photos posted on Twitter, the chocolate fondant was something I just had to tick off my list...
I went for the Chocolate fondant with pistachio heart, which was served with pistachio ice cream. Pistachio and chocolate, a clear winning combination for me.

And if you ever do drop in for a meal, they have a nice selection of small pan-Asian dishes to choose from.


And that sums up a my short #nibbletrail post today.
Looking forward to a whole month of indulgent eating...what better way to celebrate the festive season!
Which reminds me, I haven't started on my chocolate advent calendar. And I bought two...just because they were on offer (!) - looks like I've got some catching up to do. 
After all, somebody's got to eat them... 

I should probably dance and stretch more to work off the calories. 
Watched in awe as someone in dance class totally owned today's choreography to Britney's Work Bitch. 
Beaten by a guy - enough said.

Have a great week everyone x

The Cheekster, signing off x

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