Thursday, 26 December 2013


Christmas Day with the family!

We exchanged presents in the morning before heading off to church for the Christmas Day service...



The smaller the package, the bigger the gift...teehee.

No opening of presents yet...due to *ahem* princess orders.

We came back for lunch after church. Free brussel sprout wrapped chocolate from the pastor (YES!). They have yet to be unwrapped and devoured.
There were some leftover ingredients from Christmas Eve dinner, so we had hot pot Round Two!


Followed by cheese and biscuits for tea...

And soon it was time to prep for Christmas Dinner!
The brother and I split the dishes - I left him to the meat and parsnip dishes, whilst I was in charge of the rest.
I had my camera slung around my neck the whole time.
Photographer and little chef for the evening - multi-tasking!



And here are the final results...

| Mulled cider |

| Deep fried parsnip crisps |

| Red cabbage with apples |


| Brussel sprouts with panchetta |


| Baked salmon fillet with leeks and chillies |


| Roast duck |

And my little masterpiece...

| Blueberry & blackberry sour cream cake |



Whilst waiting for our tummies to recover from dinner, we opened up the presents in the living room.
After I had my camera ready and given verbal consent. Obviously.


I have a new friend to add to my collection!
Not quite sure how the bunnies would feel about accepting a different species into the family...


One final photo before cutting up my cake!


Hope everyone else had just as much of a gluttonous day as we did!
Lots of pretty awesome food photos on the Twitter feed.

Christmas Day may be over, but the eating will never stop!
Enjoy the most of the festivities whilst you can. 
I'm so thankful that I am able to celebrate this special occasion with my loved ones this year - thank you for always being there for me!

Time to get back to MORE online shopping!

...I meant 'browsing'...really.

The Cheekster, signing off x

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