Monday, 30 December 2013


I've had lunch at Dishoom before, which I enjoyed, so this time I tried out the breakfast menu, served from 9am to midday on weekends.
Angela opted for the bacon naan roll (complimentary on first visits, thanks to Foursquare) and a House Chai, whilst I chose the Akuri and  Chocolate Chai.


| Chocolate Chai |
- A charming couplet of dark chocolate and spicy chai -


| Bacon Naan Roll |
- Freshly baked naan wrapped around char-striped back bacon direct from the grill, with a most palatable combination of chilli tomato jam, cream cheese and herbs -

| Akuri |
- Spicy scrambled (akuri or bhurji) eggs: an Irani cafe staple. Piled up richly on Fire Toast and served with tomatoes grilled on the vine -

I really liked the nice blend of spices in the scrambled eggs - might try mixing up my scrambled eggs at home next time!

Overall a satisfying brunch - I'd also recommend the all-day menu which has quite a wide variety of tasty small dishes and curries to share.

Happy eating x

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