Monday, 4 November 2013


It's not very often that I have dim sum on a weekday - usually it's an occasional weekend affair when I get the odd craving. However, I purchased a voucher from Groupon quite a while back, which I thankfully remembered about, just in time before it expired...

My Mondays are usually reserved for dancing, but I took it easy today (without missing the amazing class by Jasmin Saulo!) and excitedly rushed off after class to meet Mr D.

The voucher entitled each of us to two dishes from the Steamed section, two dishes from the Fried section, and a bowl of fried rice.
Our reservation was for 1.30pm, and it was rather disappointing that they had already sold out of four of the dishes (?!).
So this then narrowed down our choices, leaving us with eight other dishes which we ordered one of everything to share between us.
I also ordered some Jasmine tea, which came served in a cute little pot with a long handle.


| Black truffle, soy, Chinese cheung fun |

This is probably the daintiest-looking cheung fun that I have ever eaten - six delicate rolls of cheung fun with the tiny little mushrooms.


| Sichuan spiced lamb xiao long bao |

One of my favourite dim sum choices that is never missed off the order - we ordered this alongside the classic version. Lovely hint of spiciness. 
The skin was maybe a bit denser than what I'm usually used to, but tasty nonetheless.

| Har gau with black truffle XO |

Another one of my dim sum staples.
Delicious fresh and juicy prawns encased in a a lovely, thin, translucent skin.
The only thing missing now is my sieu mai.


| Wild mushroom dumpling |

 A nice, generous stuffing of mushrooms. A meat-free choice, but still one of my favourites, knowing how much I love mushrooms...


| Foie gras pot sticker |

A gyoza, but with foie gras stuffing.
One of the delicacies that I very rarely eat...just in case any of you animal activist/fanatics out there are reading this...


| Fried squid ball, kaffir lime |

 Juicy, bouncy balls of goodness - and the kaffir lime mayo sauce was a nice twist.

| Chicken pesto spring roll |

Smaller than your average spring roll, fried to perfection and full of flavour.


| Fried rice with Chinese olive leaf |

Very tasty, if maybe just a tad bit on the oily side. 
Then again, oily fried rice usually tastes way better...
As they say, you can't win 'em all.

The meal turned out to be quite filling. As with all my dim sum experiences, I always leave feeling guiltily satisfied. Fat yet happy.

Overall, Bo London is a bit on the pricey side in terms of dim sum, but I suppose it would be great for an indulgent treat every now and then.
Well-suited for those who prefer a more contemporary variation to the traditional dim sum.

The Cheekster, signing off x

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