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Finally a supper night that's being hosted in my area! - it would have been wrong not to go...
The Four Fridays supper night started on Friday 13th September, which was a collaboration with Jesse Dunford Wood and Parlour. Each supper night was based on a different theme - 'Lucky For Some', 'Humour', 'Pot Luck', and 'Four Friday's Finale'!

The concept involved sharing two courses of sharing plates with your fellow diners - sharing great food with great company with a touch of Urban Woot crafted entertainment during the evening.

I have passed by Urban Woot numerous times over the past year and a half, yet have never stepped foot inside...
Upon entering, we were warmly greeted by Urban Woot navigator Majella - we'd recently became acquainted on Twitter, and it was good to finally meet in person. 



The interior was really colourful and quirky, but I especially LOVED the table arrangements. I always feel that scattered rose petals have a nicer and softer touch as opposed to flower arrangements which can sometimes be quite obstructive.  
Unless of course you're sitting opposite someone you detest, in which case it might work in your favour...

Nevertheless, I digress...

Knowing how much I LOVE food (eating and taking photos!), lovely Majella brought me round to the kitchen prep area to have a little sneak peek, where Jesse and JP were hard at work. 
I've eaten at Parlour a couple of times before, so I had no doubt that the food was going to be good - apparently Jesse refers to me as the 'Twitter Girl' or 'Miss Cheekster' :p


| Freshly Baked Soda Bread with Whipped Butter |


| Ravioli of Raw Vegetables, Goat's Cheese & Golden Raisins |


| Cold Roast Beef with Grilled Broccoli |

| Chestnut Hummus with Rosemary Pitta Bread |

We then went to seat ourselves down - we picked the table with the sofa at the end because it looked the comfiest, and the light from the lamp would also help with the photos in the dimly-lit room...
Whilst waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, we got ourselves some drink tokens and raffle tickets for the lucky draw!

Not long after, other guests came over to join our table, and we became acquainted with the lovely Shirley and Sherry.

Now on to the food...

| Egg Drop Soup |

Majella gave us a demonstration on how we should eat this. Each of us were provided with a bread stick which we used to stir the egg yolk with the mushroom consomme, which we were then instructed to down it like a shot. 
I don't really eat raw egg yolks, but the heat from the mushroom consomme and the stirring helped to cook it a little. A different variation to the Chinese version of Egg Drop Soup - a tasty mouthful of egg-y goodness.


| 'Late Summer Celebration' Salad with Tomato Dressing |

I've had this dish before at Parlour, which I loved - pleasing to the eye, and a good mix of greens with light dressing.
I will eat anything with pretty flowers. Unless it's poisonous...like the...Rhododendron. Because then I would die. 

| Pork & Peanut Rolls with Basil & Tiny Mint |

 This had a bit of an Asian feel to it, kind of like Vietnamese rolls, probably because of the skin.

| 'Back Door' Smoked Salmon |

| Chicken Liver Pate with Yesterday's Bread |

Some of us originally thought it was pate served on a slice of toast, before realizing that it was a whole chunk of pate - it was huge. Our half of the table managed to eat up quite a bit, whilst the other portion at the other end was hardly touched. Not that many pate enthusiasts I suppose!

There was still quite a lot of food left at the end of our first course, but I managed to control myself to save some space for the second course - DESSERT!

Whilst our stomachs were resting in between courses, the quiz commenced - the questions based on great last performances, films and stars. General knowledge quizzes are clearly not my forte, so I just left it to my fellow group mates to lead us through. 

When it was finally time for the second course, a long sheet of aluminium foil was rolled across the length of our tables. 
And then it began. THAT BENNY HILL song...

JP and the rest of the Urban Woot gang started scattering, or should I say, artistically placing, individual elements of the dessert on top of the foil.  
Each time when we thought that it was over, MORE dessert was brought out. We eyed other people at the other tables already greedily attacking their food, but we remained patient and controlled until the very end - well, almost.

The end result was this...

The desserts included

| Blackberry & Apple Cheesecake |
| Toasted Marshmallow Wagon Wheels |
| Orange & Polenta Cake with Lingonberry Cream |
| White Chocolate Mousses with Peanuts & Caramel |
| 'Lil Meringues with added Sprinkles | 
| Double Battenburg Cake |
| Salted Caramel Chocolate Rolos |

As well as lots more that were off-menu!

A huge sharing platter of sugar madness. It reminded us of the time we went to Bar Chocolat and experienced the food prepared by the experimental group Blanch & Shock.
Eating food off tables must be the 'IN' thing these days...not that I'm complaining.
My favourite was definitely the popping candy! And not forgetting the BeeGees honey, which is also currently on the menu at Parlour.
 If you ever stop by Parlour, I would highly recommend the cheesecake...

 At the end of the meal, entertainment was provided by Harriet Starling, with her pop and folk songs.
And not long after that, it was time for the raffle draw, where Jesse made it back just in time to select the lucky winners.

Other guests were starting to leave, but we stayed on long enough to find out that we had (unexpectedly) won the first prize...(?!) - a private super session workshop with the sweet Majella, for myself and 7 friends. 
My lucky bunny streak never fails to work its magic at unexpected times.
Syncing schedules isn't going to be easy though!

Overall, it was an enjoyable and fun night - great vibes, food and company. 

Already excited and looking forward to the next #FourFridays event.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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