Monday, 2 September 2013


Diners Union, one of the latest pop-ups that launched on 31st August, in the yard behind the old Foundry Building on Rivington Street -  Michelin-inspired street food in the heart of Shoreditch.

The concept was inspired by Ronnie Saunders (grandfather of co-founder and Head Chef Rolan Dack) - aimed at bringing people together and providing outstanding food for everyone.

When the gates finally opened, we queued up with cash in hand, the atmosphere livened up by the band playing at the entrance. It cost us £15.00 per person, plus an additional corkage fee of £3.50 each.
Upon making payment at the front desk, we were then handed plastic trays to collect our food from the different stations - cafeteria style.
Long wooden communal tables were arranged along the dining area, that were slowly filled with hungry diners and their food-laden trays.

And now for some close-ups of the food...



Soda bread, clam butter, sprats & lemon

I don't think I've eaten a sprat, hence with my limited knowledge of fish, I found out that it's small marine fish of the herring family. The flavour was quite similar to sardines. 
The butter was soft and creamy, and together with the soft flesh of the sprat, made a lovely spread on the soda bread.
Eating is learning!

Pickled oyster & parsley salad

After so long I still quite haven't had much of an appreciation of fresh oysters...I'm sure it will grow on me someday! 
I can just about manage a couple - Lili offered me hers, but I politely declined.
If anyone ever decides to bring me along on a seafood adventure, I'd gladly trade you my oysters for your prawns...or scallops (mmm...).

Wild Girolles, peas & dill

A simple but really tasty dish - I just wished there was a larger portion of mushrooms (you know how much I LOVE my mushrooms...)


Flank of beef, tarragon, marrow & watercress

This was probably the highlight dish for me - deliciously pink and tender, and went well with the fragrant and smooth texture of the garlic.

I made a major slip-up and totally forgot that Lili didn't eat beef (!) so I was (UN-intentionally!) lucky enough to enjoy two portions of it. 

Don't worry, we had supper afterwards, so she didn't go hungry!

Victoria Sponge

A sweet and simple treat to end the Victorian-themed meal.

There was an excellent turn-out on their first night, as they successfully fed 250 happy diners!

Diners Union is also partnered with St Mungo's, a homeless charity - housing and training a group of homeless Londoners, and eventually resulting in them running their own business. Definitely something worth supporting.

They change their menu every week (with vegetarian options available), running on Fridays and Saturdays.
Next one coming up - French Revolution.


'Everyone pays the same, everyone gets the same' - just as all things should be.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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