Sunday, 8 September 2013


This was my second supperclub experience hosted by The Backdoor Kitchen guys, after attending the previous one held at SALON in Brixton (Backdoor Salon). This time round, the dinner was hosted in a more intimate setting, at their homely flat in Bermondsey. 

It was a solo mission this time, which is rather rare for an introvert like myself - embracing more of the single Londoner spirit nowadays!
I did have to rely on my trusty iPhone to help my with directions to their flat, and eventually found the place (after wandering down some dark unknown streets, filled with unnecessary paranoia - this is why I never watch horror movies). 


Chefs Rob & Fabio prepping for dinner!

The menu...before it caught fire!
The other guests slowly streamed through the door, until we were all comfortably seated along the dining table, hungrily anticipating our first course of the evening.


Aragosta alla Algherese
- Boiled lobster topped with red onion, celery, carrot and marinated in a sauce made from lobster head, lemon, garlic, white pepper, egg and olive oil -

Fresh lobsters sourced from Borough Market, cooked to perfection! - was lucky enough to have a cheeky extra helping ;)


Seppie al Culurgiones
- Chargrilled squid stuffed with potato, ricotta and mint and splashed with squid ink -

Nice firm, chewy texture with a lusciously smooth and creamy filling...

Cartoccio alla Campidanese
- Malloreddus (traditional Sardinian durum wheat pasta) sauteed in saffron cream, tomato, mussel, pecorino sardo, parsley. Gently baked in grease-proof paper and foil, and served with a sprinkle of bottarga (dried mullet roe) -

The conch-shaped pasta which is ridged on one side traps the sauce, giving each mouthful a burst of creamy goodness.
The slab of bottarga, when grated, revealed a lovely golden-red colour, giving the pasta some extra flavour. Definitely something to consider sprinkling on any hot pasta dishes.



- Suckling pig stuffed with Sardinian myrtle berries, garlic, black pepper and Italian herbs -

Delicious, juicy meat packed with flavour - I picked a decent (easy-to-eat) cut of meat and left the pork knuckles to the braver men to take on...



This was served with a glass of Sardinian 'Mirto' liqueur - the classic spirit of the island made from myrtle, which grows freely in Sardinia. 


And finally the secret dessert...'Seadas'! - traditional cheese-filled fritters particular to the island of Sardinia.

Already stuffed from the earlier courses but still managed to devour one - there's always an emergency spare compartment in my tummy for dessert!


It was around midnight by the time we finished, and we just about made it to the station to catch the last tube home!

Overall, another pleasant and enjoyable experience. Great food and company - The Backdoor Kitchen guys are definitely one to watch in the supperclub/pop-up scene!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend x

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