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The latest site launched by Drake & Morgan in the newly developed No1 St Paul's Churchyard.
Stepping through the main doors, I knew that this was my kind of place, with it's warm, welcoming ambiance, and lovely chic decor.
First impressions always count after all.




We were led through to the back of the building to the main dining area which had an open plan kitchen.




As you can see, the dining area is rather huge!
Now moving on to the food...



Cappuccino & Flat White

Having spent my entire morning at the Apple Store with the hope of them bringing my poor iPhone 4 "back to life" (unfortunately un-salvageable resulting in my inevitable upgrade to the iPhone 5), I definitely was in need of a coffee...


The Courgette shoestring fries sounded interesting and were quite tasty with the dip.
So many vegetable variations these days!


Aromatic shredded crispy duck with pancakes and hoisin sauce. Duck was quite dry and hard as opposed to crispy...


The salmon ceviche with orange, coriander and chilli wasn't quite what I was expecting. 
I think in my mind I had an image of something similar to the one I had at Ceviche in Soho in the past. 
Lili and I both found it a bit too fishy - more so for Lili that I ate most of her share of the dish...


The roasted english lamb rump with pumpkin mash was probably my favourite dish of the lot. Succulent pieces of medium rare lamb and smooth creamy mash. 
The waiter was nice enough to keep it aside in the oven whilst we finished our other dishes so that it didn't go cold.


We ordered a couple of cocktails - Lili had the Fairground Millionaire, whilst I ordered the Princess Sparkler.
They have quite an extensive wine list, alongside premium spirits, beers and cocktails.

Feeling rather 'princess-ey'...

And there's just something about pretty toilets that I like...


A pink bicycle!

Centrally located close to St Paul's Cathedral and open all-day 7 days a week, it's a great place to pop in for city-goers.

There's even an onsite deli and florist if you decide to surprise a special someone...

Square Meal

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