Monday, 17 June 2013


As you may have realized, most of my posts these days involve a lot of 'experiences'. 
A recent follower of Secret Cinema (click here for my post on Secret Cinema 020), I went on to attend Future Cinema's production of Saturday Night Fever.
This was my second time at the Troxy - my first time was when they had Footloose on as a complimentary gesture for the cancellations of Secret Cinema 020 on opening weekend due to unforeseen circumstances.

Got my dancing shoes on! Not quite 70's, but I look pretty awesome don't you think?!
I obviously don't have blue eyes...

Arriving early (as usual), we hung around outside as more guest dressed in 70's disco outfits turned up. As the opening time drew nearer, gang leaders started 'rounding up' fellow gang members. I belonged to the Jackson Heights Wanderers, but I think I got a bit lost and couldn't quite figure out where I was supposed to go, so I just followed the crowd...

Tony's bedroom!


Guests were invited to 'warm-up' and strut their moves on the dance floor in preparation for the 2001 Odyssey dance-off! The dance floor was a bit small so we just danced at the sides most of the time...
There were 3 rounds and those who got tapped on the shoulder supposedly 'progressed' on to the next round.The finalists were obviously the actors/actresses playing the role of the characters from the movie.


After the announcement of the Odyssey 2001 winner, the movie screen was finally revealed and everyone took their seats at the tables.
Scenes from the movies were played out in between as part of the interactive experience.

At the end of the movie, the tables and chairs were cleared away and turned into a dance floor as special guests started performing on stage - Horse Meat Disco, Kym Mazelle, Emma Prior, Trisha Savva.

We left just before 11pm as it was getting a bit late, considering it would take me almost an hour to get home on the tube...
Overall a pretty good night, and will probably be checking out their future productions.

Time to prepare for another work week, just did 3.5 hours of back-back dance classes today - really pushed myself to the limit!

Have a great week everyone x

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