Sunday, 9 June 2013


Honest Burger - another burger joint that's been on my to-do list for quite a while...

We arrived bright and early to beat the queue just before they opened at 12 noon - the logical thing to do for most no-reservation restaurants.




Having not had any breakfast in the morning, we hurriedly placed our orders with the waiter before the place filled up. Both of us ordered the Special Louisiana Burger - Cajun blackened patty, fried onions, Bloody Mary ketchup, beef tomato, and red leaf.
However, considering how promptly we made our orders, it was still a half an hour wait before our food actually arrived...


The patty was cooked medium rare, just the way I like it - juicy and pink in the middle mmm...
The bun was nicely glazed, and the house chips were crispy and well-seasoned with rosemary salt.
Overall, a reasonably priced, good hearty burger. 
But personally, still doesn't top my experience at Patty & Bun, which unsurprisingly still tops the list of my burger adventures so far.
Which reminds me, I really must go back and indulge there again soon...

Another foodie post coming up soon!


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