Sunday, 23 June 2013


First foodie adventure of the weekend! After passing by this place numerous times, it's finally ticked off my to-do list.
Met up with Lili, my usual food buddy (after 2 weeks...TWO weeks!).
I usually prefer lunch times when it's not very busy, but I made a reservation just in case - I'm sure everyone knows about my obsession with organization by now.



Started off with a shot of coffee for the day - never too early for a cocktail!

Martini espresso
We made a few selections from the menu to share... 

First to be served was the grilled asparagus, burrata and olives.
 One of my favourite vegetables - all you need is salt and olive oil and it always turns out so good. Loved the smooth texture of the burrata - mozzarella and cream...yum. Nicely complemented with the slightly bittery/peppery rocket leaves and saltiness of the olives.


Courgette flowers, ricotta, lentils, wild mushrooms and truffle.
Another favourite dish to eat during the summer months (or all year round!) - so good, I'm always tempted to order another portion.
Lightly battered, and biting into the smooth, creamy ricotta filling made me smile like a little girl inside (and outside!). Then again people say I'm always smiling... - I'm not high on drugs, I swear!

Brecon lamb cutlets, chickpeas, aubergine and courgettes.
Lamb is one of Lili's favourite meats, so I thought that this would be a good selection. 
Medium rare - pink in the middle with just a bit of blood oozing out - just the way I like it. The courgettes were thinly sliced, light and refreshing that helped balance out the meat.


Seabass, cucumber, dates and samphire.
Haven't had seabass in a while - pan-fried so the skin was nice and crisp.
And also my first taste of samphire - a little strange at first, but it grew on me after a few more nibbles. Never had dates in a savoury dish, but my inner sweet tooth attacked it on the plate - Lili kindly let me have most of it, hehe.

A tough decision to make for dessert, but in the end we opted for the mascarpone semifreddo served with strawberries and balsamic. I was tempted to order more desserts (the neighbouring table ordered three!), but I don't think my tummy and hips would forgive me if I did...
I thought I was enthusiastic about my food, but the table next to us seemed more animated about it than me (?!). Maybe I should have made friends with them as well...
Overall a light and refreshing dish, perfect for summer days (if summer ever decides to show up).

Didn't get to try the steak tartare - Lili doesn't eat beef and I wanted to order dishes we could both enjoy. There's always a next time!

More posts to follow, including a post from my 'Secret Cinema presents Laura Marling' event. Yes, my THIRD Secret Cinema/Future Cinema/Secret Music experience within a month!

Watch this space x

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