Monday, 3 June 2013


And then it was Sunday...our last adventure was a trip back to Toronto city where we took the ferry to Center Island.

Oh if you insist!

Took some photos at the petting zoo rather quickly - the stench was pretty strong, I wouldn't really advise to pet them if I were you...

 We then spotted some other people cycling on some fun-looking quadricycles, and decided to rent one of our own for an hour!
They also rented out tandem bikes, but I'm not too sure that that would have ended very well with my poor lack of balance...

Harpreet started off as the driver, but then she decided to hand over to me...and I never let her have the seat back teehee. I was steering like a proper trishaw peddler - free and reckless!

A nice lady who claimed to be a photographer helped us to take this photo. Although I would really question her skills based on the quality of the photos she took! 
I do hope that she found her missing glasses...

Here's a few more snap-happy photos we took along the way...

Lovely skyline of Toronto

We were STARVING by the time we got on the bus, having to endure an hours long journey before we finally made it back to the car and sped off to Chucks to stuff ourselves silly!

We ordered a portion of sweet potato fries and poutine to share. As mains, I opted for the slider sampler whilst Harpreet customized her own burger. 

I only really liked one out of three of the slider samplers, probably the pulled pork one. The other two were a bit dry and uninspiring...
The burgers aren't the best that I've had, but I think I filled up with loads of fries. You can never go wrong with sweet potato fries...

The rest of the night was spent doing some last minute packing, and a late night movie in the living room - Legend of the Guardians. Although I never did finish watching it as it was getting late - I'll have to catch up on it sometime...

We had to leave super early the next morning for me to catch my flight. And once again had to bid farewell to my BFF - sad times. 
Harpreet, I miss you so...looking forward to our next reunion!

The meals served on the flight back home was the exact same food as the last flight. Seriously, what is wrong with you Air Canada (?!)

And that's finally the end of my Canada posts.
Procrastination is never a good thing!

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Back to reality, and can't wait for my next getaway already...
The Cheekster, signing off x


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