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We booked an online package deal with Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, which included a nightly stay, a Scandinave Spa Experience, and a 50 dollar voucher to share between us at a restaurant of our choice at the resort.

We stayed in one of the suite rooms at Weider Lodge, and after checking in, we went to have a quick lunch.
The guy who worked there was quite sweet and even offered us free cookies! We were 'good' and shared A cookie...calories you know...then again, considering the amount of food I consumed during my holiday it would probably have been irrelevant!



Being the greedy bunny that I am, I then had my first Beavertail!
Deep fried pastry smothered in gooey nutella and sprinkles mmm...


The weather was pretty rubbish outside so we had to find an indoor activity to keep ourselves occupied. And what better way to spend our time than at Crock A Doodle - a pottery painting studio where you can enjoy some creative time together!



We both chose ice cream bowls to paint our own BFF versions, which we later then left overnight for them to be baked and finished off.

Changing into our swimsuits (bikini in my case, hehe), we drove to the 'renowned' Scandinave Spa. We were welcomed at reception and provided with some towels and basic 'rules' in relation to the spa experience.
The Scandinave Baths include a Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Thermal & Nordic Waterfalls, Hot Baths, Cold Plunges & relaxation areas.

We weren't allowed to bring in any electronic devices with us, but here's a photo from their webpage.

An Age-Old Finnish tradition
The receptionist gave us the basics on the bath routine - 15 minutes Hot Bath, 10 seconds Cold Plunge and 15-20 minutes relaxation.
I don't think any of the other people did the Cold Plunge, but we hesitantly did it for the experience! Brrr...

We were also advised to speak using our 'spa voice' as (quoted from the website) 'silence is at the heart of the experience so the guest can realize complete relaxation, wellness and rejuvenation.'
Definitely not the ideal environment for two very hyper and talkative BFFs! We had to try very hard to suppress our much amused smirks and giggles...

The poor weather continued on as before with persistent bouts of heavy downpour, and at one point everyone was advised to go indoors for a few moments - definitely not a good day to make full use of this outdoor spa experience... 

Our massage therapy treatment was booked for 6.30pm, and I was attended to by a male therapist, Rafal. Not the best massage that I've had, but a massage nonetheless. 
The total value of the whole 'experience' came to 140.12 CAN. Ours was already included in our package deal, but if I had the option of booking the spa on its own I would probably have reconsidered...I think I'm far too hyper for quiet environments! The weather was also rubbish, and I'm sure they could have improved in certain areas e.g. providing complimentary welcome refreshments e.g. tea/water, and bath robes...

Rushing for time, we hastily had a quick shower back at the hotel and made it just in time for our dinner reservation at Tholos

We ordered Saganaki as a starter to share and chicken souvlaki.


Saganaki - flour dusted kefalograviera cheese, pan fried and flambéed!

Chicken souvlaki

And we had THE most amazing dessert ever - it was cheesecake baked in a baklava outer shell, smothered with sweet syrup and served with cream dollops on the corners. Best dessert of the entire holiday!

The bad weather continued the following day, ruining our plans of trying out some outdoor activities e.g. the Scenic Caves. I also wasn't equipped with the proper attire (it's supposed to be summer isn't it?!) and didn't want to risk falling sick on my holiday...

We had breakfast at Sunset Grill, one of the local restaurants at the resort.

We were supposed to collect our pieces from Crock A Doodle after 4pm, but because of the bad weather they agreed to get it ready for us for 1pm.

So to kill some time, we rented some rackets and had some fun playing tennis! 

Or rather attempting to play tennis...teehee. Thank god we were the only ones playing in the court!

And here's our finished 'masterpieces'!

Guess which belongs to whom?? :D

When we were finally back home at Harpreet's, we had a lovely dinner cooked by her mum. It's always such a comfort having home-cooked food!

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