Monday, 29 April 2013


So after a long-awaited 5 months I was getting super-excited to going to Secret Cinema, only to be notified at the last minute that it had been cancelled due to some unforeseeable circumstances.
 Thankfully my tickets were for the Saturday evening, so at least I had a day's notice before. Unfortunately, as expected, there were some rather unhappy and angry ticket holders - I feel a bit sorry for those who were traveling from outside of London, but hey, these things happen, and I'm pretty sure Secret Cinema will do their best to get things back up and running (soon we hope!)

So as a kind gesture, they organised a Secret Screening of Footloose at the Troxy in East London on Saturday 27th April for those affected by the cancellations. 

Photo from Secret Cinema page

Me and Lili arrived nice and early before the crowd arrived, donning my pink dress, boots and cowboy hat! After 15 minutes of waiting under the rain (and hail!), we were finally allowed to enter the building, and got some nice seats at the front. 

The first scene played was set in the Beaumont Community Centre, and we got on our feet to dance for a bit before the actual movie was played. 
We were also told to bring some balloons which were being bounced and thrown around the cinema throughout the night.


There were live acts around the cinema as the movie was playing which was really fun and interactive, especially the parts where we could get up and dance like crazy!



Nothing better than some entertaining audience participation.
At the end of the film, the seats were stacked away and the place was turned into an awesome dance floor!



It was a really enjoyable night - Thank you Secret Cinema, job well done!
Looking forward to the new reassigned dates for the actual thing now!

Stay G.O.O.D. Things can only get better x


KYDnH signing off x

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