Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Having already tried the other Korean restaurants along St Giles High St, on a nice Sunday afternoon, we decided to pop into the (really tiny) Seoul Bakery which nests in between Pocha and Assa. The place is really small inside (probably able to accommodate a maximum of no more than a dozen customers at any one time), and always seems to be busy. Me and Lili sat ourselves along the side table - sitting almost shoulder-to-shoulder. The interior is rather quirky, the walls plastered with endless colourful sticky notes left by customers - saves having to decorate it yourself ay!



 We ordered a Chicken and kimchi soupy dish which came with rice and a side of kimchi, a portion of half a dozen fried dumplings, and a Kimchi pancake dish to share. 



The portions were much larger than we expected, compared to the ones served at previous Korean restaurants that we have frequented in the past. And even plus drinks it cost us an average of 10 pounds per person - cheap and economical!
A nice place for a quick stop - though I wouldn't recommend it if you have a large group of people! Unless you don't mind getting squashed together like sardines.

And no meal is complete without a sweet dessert - popped by one of our usual haunts, Golden Gate cake shop in Chinatown.



Yummy food = happy smiles x

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