Sunday, 3 March 2013


After weeks of counting down, my long vacation finally arrived! 
Yes, TWO whole weeks of escape from the horrors at work and some time to soak up some sunshine!
After everyone has had their share of fun  back home during the Chinese New Year, it is now my turn.
Sarah was kind enough to offer me a lift to Paddington station where I jumped on the Heathrow Express - a relief considering there was maintenance work on the Jubilee line this weekend.
After the last few years of flying home by Emirates, this time I went back to booking with Singapore Airlines - less transit stops and good service as expected. 
Despite the lesser baggage allowance of 20kg, mine was surprisingly under, at only 15.7kg! More space for goodies when I fly back to London teehee.
Having suffered from travel sickness in the past and always taking good 'ol Traveleeze as a precaution, this time I tried only one dose of Joyrides (yes, the one for little kiddies) which effects aren't supposed to last as long. Thankfully I was fine throughout the journey even after the 'wear-off' period - maybe it was psychological after all (?)
Usually a person that sleeps on most flights, surprisingly I stayed up and entertained myself with a movie marathon throughout my 12 hour jouney - Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, Magic Mike, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Taken 2 and Looper. A productive journey indeed! 

So now I'm back home in my old room - just did a bit of a clear out, but I think there's still more rubbish to throw out! And organizing...I still don't know what has happened to the key to the wardrobe that is holding all my TY beanie babies captive. 
Anyone good at picking locks?

I've also come home to some nice little perks...

IMG_5097 IMG_5083

And...I think the lack of sleep is now catching up on me. Can't believe I've just spent a whole weekend traveling home - at least the journey was worthwhile.
No doubt that I'm going to sleep well tonight. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend x

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