Sunday, 24 March 2013


So I've survived my first week back at work after coming back from Malaysia. Unfortunately I did suffer from a slight bout of jet-lag and felt like a walking zombie at work on Tuesday. 

Just a quick summary of my week...

1. I went to the Icebar off Regent Street for a quick sneak peek - 14 pounds per entry, which is pretty expensive, but I wasn't paying anyway ha...
They usually change the theme every now and then, the current one was Galactic Frontiers...



 2. Unfortunately got sucked into doing the Ripley's Believe It Or Not tour... I knew this day would come! Not very impressed to be honest, and at 27 pounds...jeez...
Might as well take some photos!

3. I won a pair of tickets to Monkey Shoulder's One Night Only! And luckily Dora was free to accompany me on that day. It was held at an old factory which had been turned into a bar for the night. It was like a night at the races and we each were given a jersey - mine was clearly too large but it kept me warm and snug!
Our tickets entitled us to 3 drinks each and a pulled pork burger - I wish it was the other way round!
We sipped away on our drinks, munched on our burgers, whilst sitting on hay just doesn't get any cooler than this ha.





4. I had a lovely day out with Lili on Saturday - sweet Lili treated me to some lovely cakes at Bakery County Hall.

Belated birthday cakes!



And later on hunted for a place for lunch, where we ended up at Le Garrick - Covent Garden's best kept secret (according to the business card!) 
 It was nice and cosy inside, and the waitress who served us was really nice - a nice hideaway from the horrible snow outside. 
We both ordered the 2-course set lunch - I was happy as long as I had my onion soup :)


There were actually some good sales going on this weekend. Never actually bought anything from Banana Republic in the past, I got tempted by the extra 25% off sale prices and got myself a stripey jacket and white top.
You can't say no to staple pieces...

And to end the day...Chatime!

So another weekend is over...
Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

Much love x


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