Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Went into town today with dad, our daily dose of father-and-daughter time :)
I tag along with him whilst he runs some work errands and in return he chauffeurs me around in Penang - it's a win-win situation!

Dad is always good at explaining some history about the old parts of town - trying to educate his daughter who has become somewhat like a foreigner in her hometown! 
Not a good sign, maybe I best do some research of my own...

Dad brought me to have lunch at Evergreen Cafe - famous for it's 'koay teow th'ng'! 

Awkward...but I love him lol x

Afterwards I went to get my hair cut - tidying up this bush of a hair that has gone a bit haywire especially in this weather...


Before heading home, I dropped by to see my beautiful dogs at the old grandma's place.
Dad is always loved by all dogs x

Teehee x

Later in the evening I met up with my faithful little friend Cherlyn. Sweet Cherlyn treated me to dinner at Winter Warmers as an early birthday present!

Thank you Cherlyn - it's always a pleasure to meet up with you on my annual trip back home.

Okay, time to have an early night - I'm going to 'attempt' to ride my dad's bicycle tomorrow, and hope I don't go falling into a bush...or cactus like last time...

The Cheekster is signing off x

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